Christmas movies: what to watch, what to drink with it

Monday, December 14th, 2015

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Look, there’s no way in hell my partner is going to let me reveal even the ingredient list of her favourite holiday baking items. I’d do it too, if I thought for a moment that I’d ever get to eat them again, but I wouldn’t.

So, I will not share any holiday baking memories with you. Not today, not next year and not the year after.

But I’ll share something only a few taste buds removed from being as near and as dear to my heart at this time of year—Christmas movies and the alcoholic beverage to pair with them.

A Very Murray Christmas

A Very Murray Chrstmas with George and Miley

This is Bill Murray at almost 100 per cent Bill Murray. Which is to say, it’s confusing and wonderful. Be absolutely sure that no matter your feeling about the first half of the show, you stick around for the Miley Cyrus/George Clooney-led tail end. I can and will watch Miley Cyrus sing Silent Night 300 more times this year.


Pour something in a glass and drink from that glass.

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas Waving

This is one of the most recent additions to the list of Christmas movies we watch all year long. It’s a great one to watch with your kids on any morning you wake up and see too much snow falling to want to drive anywhere.


Make coffee and pour Baileys into the coffee. Repeat if you’re sure you aren’t driving anywhere.

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special

pee wee christmas

This one isn’t for everyone but if it is for you, it’s extremely for you. It’s a star-studded affair that is exactly as bizarre as you remember this show being. And the message in the show still rings true to this day: fruit cake is gross.


Find some eggnog in a store or make your own (here’s a great one).

Pour the eggnog in a cup (moose mug preferable).

Pour rum into that cup of eggnog. Spiced rum is delicious in this case.

Sprinkle nutmeg on the mixture of rum and eggnog.

Christmas with the Kranks

christmas with the kranks

Sometimes the movie experience is more about what you are drinking while watching the movie than about the movie itself. Look, I actually like this movie and have read the book. It’s nice and it’s easy to watch. Some people do not like this movie but they’ve likely never watched it with my beverage selection. So, try it again.


Walk into a store that sells beer and look for a sign that say microbrew or craft brewer. Or, you can look for where they have all the mass produced beer and then just go anywhere but there. Buy something with a hipster sounding name. buy it.

Drink it is a mason jar.

Happy Christmas

A Happy Christmas

I had no idea what to think when we started this movie. I knew Anna was awesome and I knew there must be something about Christmas in there somewhere. And there is something about Christmas in there. You just need to get through a lot of “what the…?” to get there. Also, the parents in this movie come as close as I’ve ever seen to real parents who aren’t acting in a ┬ámovie.


Go to your local place that sells wine. Find something nice. Carry that bottle around with you and match it to other bottles. When you find one that seems the exact opposite of the nice one, pick that one up and put the nice one back.

Drink out of bottle.

This post is part of the Netflix #StreamTeam program. I have certainly watched all of these movies with these beverages though.

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