“Ugh, I wish my house was this clean.” Thanks Mopify.

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

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I was once so overwhelmed by how dirty our house got that I broke down in tears around my partner one night. Together we worked out a plan for how in the hell we’d try to keep our house from turning into one giant pile of dust while simultaneously allowing our kids to be kids in the house.

I had my checklist printed out and I hung it on the wall using a clipboard. Every night I’d look at what I was supposed to do that night and get to work.

“It’s 8:37 p.m. on Tuesday,” I’d note, and then drag my finger over to the corresponding chore. “Time to wipe all the pee off the toilet!”

So I’d wipe the pee off the toilet and put a check mark beside the chore and go have a glass of wine because I felt good about my accomplishment. It made me feel better. For a while.

But, as you’ll know if you have kids, they wore me down over time. To the point where I think many parents live most of their lives in terms of how clean their house is.

“There is a contest to enter down at the bottom of this story.”


I’ve grown comfortable living in a bit of a mess. I can look at a teddy bear laying on the couch and walk past it and see a half full cup of water sitting on a kid-sized table and let myself take care of it some other time. I can see a dusty shelf and remind myself I’ll have time on the weekend to wipe it down (I won’t but that’s fine).

Pretty much, I’m not as worried that my house isn’t tidy. Many homes aren’t and it’s kind of fun to watch a kid run from one toy to the next, full of excitement for what game comes next. I know you can teach responsibility by asking kids to take control of their own tidiness, and I know I’ve said more times than I’d like to admit that you “can’t play with something else until you’ve put that toy away first!”

It’s the most frustratingly adult thing I do and so I’m trying to move on from it. And so, I’m getting over tidy and trying to settle on being clean.

Tidiness, yes. Dirty, no.

Enter Mopify

And this is when I found Mopify, a company in Ottawa (and Toronto now too as well some other cities soon) that allows you to schedule cleaning services online in a way that fits your schedule. There’s no weekly commitment and no limit of when you can ask to have someone come in.

Simply put, we don’t need cleaning of our house every week. Even more simply put, we can’t afford cleaning of our house every week.

So, we know we put in extra effort every time we plan to have people come over to our house. We do this with larger groups of people only a few times a year—let’s say four times so that we don’t look too much like hermits. With Mopify, we can schedule appointments around these four events so that when people come over they say things like “how do you find the time to clean?!” and “my couch is full of stains from chocolate milk.”

Truly, our process was simple:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Pick a date that worked for us. (you don’t have to be home for an appointment)
  3. Receive a text message to confirm our appointment.
  4. Collect our cleaning supplies and leave them in our kitchen. (you can also ask to have cleaning supplies provided if you don’t have them)
  5. Go to work on day of our appointment.
  6. Receive updates on the work being done in our house.
  7. Come home to clean house and admire it for the 13 seconds the kids haven’t played in it yet.
  8. Dream about the next appointment.

For real, the house was in a state of nearly unprecedented clean when we came home. The amazing Mopify professional took care of bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and dusting common areas. It was so clean I asked my daughter to pretend like she was doing something in a number of different rooms so I could present photo evidence to other humans that my kids have spent some time in a clean room.


clean bed

This is her sister’s bed and there is no way she’s allowed to lie down in it.

clean couch

Enter Mopify and you

Mopify has been kind enough to provide two $100 gift certificates towards cleaning services. All you have to do is share a cleaning tip in the comments below. Because I still need help speeding up the cleaning I will be doing in between Mopify visits.

Since Mopify is operating in Ottawa and Toronto right now, we have to limit this to people in those cities. But hey, keep cleaning other people because it might come your way soon as well.

The contest will run until September 6 because that’s when both my kids start school and our house gets a temporary reprieve from full day play.

19 responses to ““Ugh, I wish my house was this clean.” Thanks Mopify.”

  1. Cleaning tip. Hum. That’s a hard one because I don’t do much cleaning.
    For clean(ish) floors, use a steam mop. No harsh chemicals, especially under kids feet or animal paws, and it’s nice and clean… for like 5 minutes.

  2. Courtney says:

    Cleaning tip: throw money at the problem.
    (But not actually.)
    After baby goes to bed, we set a timer for 10 mins and my partner and I try to do as much tidying as we can in that time. (On days we remember to do this.) ten minutes feels totally manageable, and then we know there is a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine at the end.
    Tip #2: make sure there is popcorn and winding the house for motivation.

  3. Cara says:

    Cleaning tip. Furniture “dents” in carpet. Put ice cube in the “dent”, let it melt and vacuum. Works like a charm!

  4. Rebekah says:

    Cleaning tip:

    I suck at cleaning. I have no tips…

    But seriously, clean as you go. Wipe counters when you get a glass of water, turn on the washing machine when you go to sneak ice cream from the freezer. Baby steps.

  5. Ginny says:

    Cleaning tip: When house guests arrive and you haven’t cleaned the washroom (gross!) say you have to go to the bathroom after they’ve arrived and clean the toilet and sink (quick!). My tip is to keep a roll of good paper towel (not the brown paper kind but the quilted picker upper kind) and some spray under the sink. Just spray toilet and wipe clean with paper towel (it gets all the hairs and gross stuff way better and faster than a wet cloth that you have to keep re-rincing). Wipe the sink. And the mirror – don’t worry about windex (or alternative) just use the old hand towel – wet one end and wipe then wipe dry with the dry side. Then throw a pretty fresh towel up. And wha-la! You have a sparking clean bathroom in less than 5 mins and they all think you took a trip to the washroom 🙂

  6. Natalie R says:

    Cleaning tip: baby wipes aren’t just for baby bottoms. I use them for a number of daily cleaning activities!

  7. Jenn A says:

    Smelly sneakers or shoes slip unused tea bags inside to absorb the smell, add a few nice smelling dryer sheets under your garbage bag and in the recycling bin to cover up unwanted smells, rub lemon (half cut) on a cutting board to remove unwanted smells and some stains, boil cinnamon sticks and then let simmer to add a nice/fresh smell to the house, soak your shower curtain with part dish soap and part white vinegar and water to remove soap scum and other gross stuff, heat a bowl of vinegar in the microwave to help remove tough stuck on food and stains and use left over coffee filters to dust or at the bottom of planters to catch loose soil.

  8. Sophia C. says:

    Never leave a room empty handed. Always take one or two items with you that need putting away…

  9. Mel Reed says:

    Convince your kids that cleaning the toilet is the most fun job in the world, and pretend you are disappointed not to be able to do it when they rush around the house cleaning all the bathrooms. NOTE: remember to get them to wash their hands before they have a snack afterwards.

  10. Amanda says:

    Cleaning tip:
    Set aside a day per week to clean. Play music and dance while you clean.

    Don’t let clutter build. Put things away after use/after purchase. The house looks cleaner when it isn’t cluttered.

  11. Erika Lowther says:

    Many people use wet rags or sponges to clean, this actually adds more time to your cleaning routine. Dry (towel like) |
    Rags and a bottle of your favourite cleaning solution makes cleaning much easier.
    For soap scum in tubs, use your spray, magic eraser and a dry cloth.
    Having a good floor vacuum cuts your floor time down by half (sweeping is time consuming and doesn’t get everything up) spray mops are amazing as well.
    Swiffer dusters are good for non sticky surfaces.

  12. Annabel Da Silva says:

    I’m a big believer in cleaning as you go but sometimes it’s a little difficult with three boys in the house. My best tip is to have a broom at the ready .. Doesn’t take much room or effort and can make a floor clean in a minute.

  13. Emily says:

    My partner and I divide and conquer to keep the dirt at bay. He does the chores I hate (scrubbing the bathrooms!) and I tackle the laundry and dishes.

  14. Meagan says:

    Our strategy is keeping on top of the small stuff (kitchen counters, clutter) daily, and leaving the heavy lifting (scrubbing bath, mopping floors) to the professionals a couple times/month.

  15. Patricia Foottit says:

    Keep a small plastic bin on the stairs. Toss in dirty dish towels, bibs, etc and then carry up the bin at the end of the day. (I am assuming the washer/dryer are on the second floor). Or put the bin by the basement stairs if you are going down for that chore.

  16. Amanda says:

    Cleaning tips –

    4)Always keep necessary products on hand
    Here’s my go to:
    Method all purpose cleaner (the green bottle available at Canadian Tire/Loblaws stores)
    Lysol bathroom foam (the pink one, gets the nastiest showers clean!!)
    A duster
    Pledge spray
    ALOT of cleaning cloths

    Enlist the help of kids ( and your significant other) in the home. They should all be able to help, no matter what age (anyone over 2 can do something to help!)

  17. Meghan says:

    Cleaning tip…don’t stress to much about keeping your house clean with 4 young boys…lol. (this is a tip to myself…lol)

  18. Katherine I Stroud Walker says:

    Cleaning tip: A couple of times a year (let’s say 4;)), run your dishwasher with a cup of vinegar sitting in the top rack. Then clean the trap and the seal as well. Your dishes come out cleaner and you have removed all the dirt and grime from the machine. You’ll feel very accomplished! I run the dishwasher over night to save money.

  19. Lesley says:

    I keep Lysol wipes in the kitchen, the bathroom, and near the front door to take care of any scuffs, smudges, dried up spills I see around the house. I also keep magic erasers tucked into cupboards around the house for the same purpose.

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