Take it from her, travel edition: a kid’s review of PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

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When I was a kid, our family traveled to Eastern Canada for our family vacation a few times. I had fond memories of these trips as a kid. Fond memories even though we did this with five of us piled in to a two-door Toyota Tercel. That I remember the ocean and the people and the food as much as I remember needing to constantly yell “stop touching my leg!” is a testament to how amazing the Atlantic provinces are.

So when my partner and I discussed going out East with our kids, it was natural to get excited. In 2014 we tested the waters by driving to New Brunswick. It went well enough to load up our own Toyota last summer to make our way to PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. First, kudos to you families who travel in cars for long distances with kids. You are heroes. This includes my own parents.

Now that that’s out of the way, what did the parents on this trip enjoy the most?

So much craft beer

One thing I love about traveling is finding the local beer and consuming that local beer while in that town. Whether it was PEI, Nova Scotia or New brunswick, we made sure to find some local breweries and buy some bottles or growlers to help us ease into the night. Tatamagouche Brewing Company, Picaroons in Fredericton and PEI Brewing Company were all highlights.

too much good beer

The drive over Confederation Bridge

I know how touristy this sounds but this bridge is simply amazing. You just don’t find this experience in many places.

The small beach in Victoria By the Sea

We stopped in at Carr’s Oyster Bar in Stanley Bridge PEI and asked what beach we should check out. They told us there was a small beach in Victoria By the sea where locals liked to swim. They said it wasn’t big but that it wasn’t crowded. Coupled with the great opportunity to walk around the very small town this beach is wonderful and once we were done swimming we had the chance to eat ice cream and seafood on the pier there.

at the beach at victoria by the sea

Argyle Street in Halifax

Our addition of Halifax to our route wasn’t one of the things I expected to be a highlight. But when we got home , it took me about two months before I started searching for homes in Halifax. I place the blame on how much fun Argyle Street was. When we were there we slowly walked our way through an outdoor Etsy Makers Market. We bought soap and Star Wars art and then went and ate hamburgers.

girls on argyle street

Fredericton Farmer’s Market

Another thing we’ve done a few years in a row now. What we’ve done both times is found ourselves a parking lot a few blocks away and then walked for hours as we explored the inside/outside market, eating donuts and schnitzel along the way.

Now, on to the important opinions. I asked the girls a few questions about their experience and they have imaginations…

What was the coolest thing you saw?

We slept on a train. The train had bunkbeds and a real bed and we took a bath in it for an hour. And we ate on the train and we got to drink some pop when we were on it. (I had actually forgotten about this somehow. Indeed, the Tatamagouche Train Station Inn is unreal)

The tatamagouche train

in the bunk bed in a train

What was your favourite part, as a kid?

Swinging on the swings from the time we got up to the time we had to go to bed. I remember that we stayed in a big house when we were in PEI (she’s mostly right, we did rent a cottage for our PEI stay). We even had lobster in there and went out in a boat.

We also ate Cows ice cream pretty much every day. I don’t think there is anything bad about eating ice cream almost every day.

lobster dinner

cows ice cream

What would you tell other kids bout going to Eastern Canada?

There is a lot of sand and a lot of water. And if we talk about PEI, the beach sand is red in a lot of places. And Anne of Green Gables is there.

What are your top three things about our trip to Eastern Canada?

  • Meeting with Anne of Green Gables again. I said that already didn’t I?
  • Going to a city that had my name in it.
  • Swimming to the middle of the ocean (at Parlee Beach in New Brunswick. We maybe didn’t get to the middle).

the girls with anne

charlotte in charlottetown

girls at parlee beach

in lunenberg

at peggys cove

our pei view

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  1. I’m an Eastern Canada girl too, and Victoria by the Sea is a lovely place to go.
    Moncton has a super Farmers Markets too if you ever go back.

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