Netflix playlists for real-life parenting moments

Monday, April 11th, 2016

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The scene (let me know if this has ever been your experience):

Kids wake up at 4 in the morning because they heard a noise and instead of going back to sleep, they think it’s morning enough to get up and play.

“Please don’t do this,” you manage to say with one eye 1/15th open.

But they don’t listen.

“Can we watch a cartoon?” they ask. And you have no desire to get up at 4 a.m. because nobody has a desire to get up at 4 a.m.

“Yes. Here’s the remote.”

Why your kids know how to use the remote at the ages of four and six is nobody else’s business. So your kids play with the remote and discuss what they’re going to watch. Only by “discuss” I mean “fight so aggressively that you still aren’t able to sleep.”

End scene.

What do you do here?

Netflix of course. but how?I have it on good word that at least for the month of April, has created Netflix Siblings Playlists. So when you decide to step in and stop the aggressive fighting, you can let your kids know they can choose from the Tale of Two Distant AgesSugar and Spice and the Meet in the Middle playlist collections. The intention here is that there is a little bit for everyone.

The thing about Netflix in our house is that we’d need about 300 playlists to fit every situation our family find itself in. Were sibling fights the only events that led us to Netflix we’d probably spend the rest of our time inventing rocket ships or making robots who could play NHL-calibre hockey.

So, we came up with a few other Other Netflix playlists that would make sense for our family dynamics:

movies ive cried watching

Inside Out: Are you even being serious with the Bing Bong scene?

Lego Movie: Hey, I’m a parent and a jerk and I’m ruining my child’s future by not letting them play right now. I get it, I’m sorry.

How to Train Your Dragon: Toothless and Hiccup falling through the sky. What happens next? I have no idea, my eyes have always been filled with tears.

Ever After: I will pose as Cinderella to win back one of my friends too.

Homeward Bound: I hug my cat every time I watch this movie. Then she scratches me, doubling my tears.

Fox and the Hound: I’m not even going to explain why.

if you cant decide ill pick

My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks: I’d pick any of the MLP movies. This was just the first to come to mind.

Book of Life: visually one of the coolest movies we’ve watched in a long time.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Star Wars. Point made.

Can You Canoe: The Okee Dokee Brothers: I had no idea this was even on Netlfix. But as I scrolled through I couldn’t believe a group with this kind of amazing sound had made a special about an album.

im your parent ill watch all night

Sherlock: If I could watch one show or movie for the rest of my life, it would be this series.

Friday Night Lights: Because I asked my partner what she would add and she said this.

Master of None: Aziz Ansari is too hilarious. But not actually too hilarious. Just the right amount of hilarious for you to watch without waking the kids with laughter.

Call the Midwife: These women are amazing.

buy some sleep in the morning

Paw Patrol: All the episodes in a row.

Peppa Pig: All the episodes in a row.

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse: All the episodes in a row.

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse: All the episodes in a row. And then the movies too.

*This post is part of my #StreamTeam participation for which I am compensated. These lists are all life saving in the right moment.

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