Keeping up with the kids in a body that’s getting older

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of a Canadian leading research based pharmaceutical company. All opinions are 100% mine.

My kids have an uncanny ability to come up with outdoor games on the fly. These games have two things in common: they start and end abruptly and they make me realize how my body is changing as I get older.

For an hour straight I run up and roll down hills with my daughters only to be told that was just the first of 18 different obstacles in the “game” they’ve created for us. Each and every time I roll to the bottom I find some other body part that has decided to tell me through a series of creaks or bits of pain that they want to check out of the game. Sometimes it’s a knee, sometimes an ankle and sometimes I just feel tired.

Leah with Just Play stacking cups

Now I don’t feel shame at my body getting older. It has been great to me and we’ve been really good pals over the past 37 years. What these start and stop games do for me though is remind me that as I do get older, I do need to be proactive about problems as they arise.

It’s pretty common for parents to begin exercising or being more attentive to what they eat because “I want to be there for my kids.” I’ve probably said it myself as I run through the streets of our town in the early hours trying to prepare for a marathon. “I need to be healthy for my kids.”

As a parent it’s also ok to make changes in your life because you want to feel better too. We don’t have to do everything for our kids. There is pressure from all sides to make all your decisions based on what is best for our kids. But sometimes doing what is best for you individually is what is best for your kids.

Making leaf angels in a pile of leaves

I have never been diagnosed with asthma. I have rarely even had any breathing issues beyond a seasonal cold. But I know that as I get older my health changes. The aforementioned knees need more icing after a run and my hamstrings always feel like they’re on the verge of giving it up on me.

So, I get regular physicals because my doctor knows more about my health than most other people and i look for ways I can evaluate my own well-being every day. To that end, I recently took the 30 Second Asthma Test. My results were fine. I experienced no troubles. I don’t experience a tight chest I don’t have problems breathing, I’ve never had to stay home because of breathing problems.


Take the time for yourself to go through the 30 Second Asthma Test whether you have been diagnosed or not. Be sure to share the results with your family and your doctor as well. Have conversations about your health regularly because it is important. For your kids and for you.

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