Who am I?

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Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a man with one wife and two girls. He loved all three of them equally. I’m that man.

I’m a Canadian dad blogger who is certainly no better than any other man is at being a parent and that’s why I like to share our stories. I, like you, figure things out on the fly. So if I can share with you a trick for something you may experience down the road, I’d like to do that.

We go to restaurants, play at parks, hold iPads in our hands and look for all kinds of adventures where we think adventures can be found. I’ll review them, tell you if we liked them and then leave it to you to decide if you’d like to do the same.

Another focus of this site is to get people reading with kids. While we read regularly to our kids, I also like sitting down with them and coming up with our own stories. So I’m sharing those in the Tiny Tales section in hopes that the two minute reads might make your bedtime reading easier. If you have a story about a favourite character of your kids that you’d like me to try and write, send it along and we’ll see what we can do.

I also hope to have some giveaways from time to time that will help your family do fun things.

Where did the name Puzzling Posts come from? Well, aside from being puzzled by parenting, it’s an homage to Stephen Leacock, one of my favourite authors of ever. In the spirit of Literary Lapses, Nonsense Novels and Sunshine Sketches, I hope Puzzling Posts fills you with humour and gives you tips for how to play with your children.

I’d love to hear from you about anything. Send me an idea for a story you’d like for your family, let me know if you had a better or worse experience somewhere we’ve reviewed, tell me how much you like the Pittsburgh Penguins. Basically, whether you’re a business or a person like me, email me at mrmikereynolds@gmail.com because I want to talk to you.


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