My favourite 15 shows from Netflix in 2017

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

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There’s no other way to put it: we watched a lot of Netflix in 2017. I feel obligated to mention that we did do some not-Netflix related things too. We went on a summer vacation to Eastern Canada and we went on a holiday vacation to Universal Studios.

With that out of the way, here’s my top 15 pieces of Netflix content. Some of them aren’t Netflix originals but are shows that the non-cable hooked-up of us need to watch on Netflix.

15: Sense8

This one sadly is coming to an end but it was wonderful while it lasted. Season two picked up on the incredibly unique storyline presented in season one. So much diversity in the story and storytellers that it is sad to see it going. The pushback on it going away was at least loud enough that we get one final special finale.

14: The Worst Witch

In a Harry Potter-less Netflix world, we are always looking for other withcy shows to watch as a family. This one has filled our needs quite well.

13: Little Evil

I mean you don’t have to do a bunch of thinking while watching this one but my partner and I also couldn’t stop watching it. That seems a good thing.

12: Home For the Holidays

This is the one of the coolest holiday specials I have seen added to Netflix. It is sooo quirky that I can’t even fully explain to you why you should watch it. That being said, I can say you should watch it just for the latke song.

11: Wentworth

I watched the first few seasons of Orange is the New Black and then stumbled upon Wentworth. I have not watched another season of Orange is the New Black since making this discovery so take that for what it’s worth.

10: Last Kingdom

Similar to The Worst Witch filling a Harry Potter void, the Last Kingdom fills, to and extent, a Game of Thrones void.

9: Ozark

I love Jason Bateman and never thought I’d watch him in this kind of series and love him even more. But Jason Bateman as desperate money launderer is very fun to watch.


I mean, I don’t even know what to say about this one. Alison Brie is amazing and you should watch it.

7: The Magic School Bus Rides Again

As a dad with two girls who love science, there is pretty much nothing better than sitting down with the magic school bus and learning about the planet we live on.

6: American Vandal

You think to yourself “is it even possible to get wrapped up in a who spray painted the penises onto the cars?” drama and then find yourself wishing there was more of it when the final credits cross your screen for the final time.

5: Godless

The idea of a town run by a bunch of women taking on a group of men set on destroying those in their way made me very excited. I still really liked this series and watched it in two days. Using length of binge as a barometer, that’s a good thing.

4: Peaky Blinders

Another not-original-to-Netflix show that would probably be number one on this list for me if it was. I love this show so much. I could watch Tom Hardy as Alfie for hundreds of years.

3: The Good Place

I had no idea what this show was going to be about and then was done all the episodes a few days later. The acting is brilliant and the story is unlike anything else out there.

2: Stranger Things

There was no way the second season could possibly live up to the ridiculous expectations put on it in season one, right? I left this season even happier and more fulfilled than I did with season one.

1: A Series of Unfortunate Events

I had massive expectations for this version of the Unfortunate Events retellings and I can’t imagine a better outcome than what we got. As a family we have already watched the whole series three times with a few of the episodes (the Montgomery Montgomery ones are a hit with us) having been seen probably 10 times.

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