How we keep our memories when printed photo albums are disappearing

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

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I don’t even lie to my kids about how few pictures of them we have printed off any more.

For a while it felt like a point of shame.

“Yes, I know I have albums full of pictures of me when I was a kid but things were different back then.”


“The printer is all out of ink. We’ll print a few off whenever we get that fixed.”

Then they stopped asking if we had pictures and eventually they just asked if they could go on the computer to see the albums from our family vacations.

The truth is, things are different now. There is no lie there. My kids don’t even know what camera film is. Heck, I barely remember what camera film is.

And, in the way I used to gather up some of my photo albums and flip through them on my bed, my kids now do with things like Facebook, and YouTube.

Here’s the thing though. I still want to keep these memories at my fingertips. Because I remember these photo flipping moments fondly. Even though I try to “live in the moment” and just “experience life,” I like the opportunity to look back at our trips because they make me happy when I’m not feeling happy.

So how do we manage the way we take photos now with the way I’d love to look at photos? What are some of the ways I can look back to the way I used to curl up on the couch at a relative’s house with a photo album and relive vacation memories or watch time pass through our pictures?

Well, there are actually a number of ways to capture the nostalgia of the printed photo minus the actual printing. Some of them are obviously a little bit of personal taste (maybe not everyone gets tattoos from their kid’s drawings) but this is what makes personal preference so wonderful!

Get tattoos of memories

You may already know that I have a lot of kid-drawn tattoos. Well, one thing I have started doing is getting them to draw pictures of their favourite memories from family vacations. So far I have a Mickey Mouse, and Ariel with a Pygmy Puff and a Grinch Who Stole Christmas on the way.

Ariel tattoo on my arm


This has been an incredibly fun way to have discussions with others about some of our trips and is also a lot of fun to talk about with the kids.

Creating Keenai albums

This is new to us and it is really one of the first things we have done beyond creating albums on Facebook. We recently traveled to Universal Studios and took in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter all four days we visited the theme park. As huge Harry Potter fans, this was something we wanted to document.

So, I checked out Keenai and put together our Wizarding World of Harry Potter album. There are a few things I really like about this beyond how easy it is to add photos to it: how it integrates video without reducing the quality (your videos will display in 1800p), and how we can easily share albums with friends and family privately via the the link to the album, or I can add it to my public profile and share that link with friends and family so they can find the album again later, see multiple albums at once and stay up to date with the latest albums I’ve published. It’s more private than Facebook but public enough to make sharing with close friends and family simple.

We then did the same thing with our Harry Potter-themed birthday party we held for our oldest daughter a few days later. We are able to group the potion’s experiment videos in with the photos of the decorating my partner did for the event.

What I have really enjoyed about Keenai albums is the way I can manage them on a desktop computer while accessing the pictures from my phone through the app. This means no matter which device I’m using (my iPad, MacBook, or Pixel 2) I can manage the same account. And, because the storage is cached, your entire photo library doesn’t take up a lot of space on your mobile device.

It also means that we can broadcast our albums from our devices to TVs at my parent’s house so that we can hearken back to the day of sitting around a slideshow walking people through the different things we did on our trip even though my kids can’t conceptualize what a slideshow is.

Something else that is fun is the ability to add captions and personalize the layout of your albums and display it in more of a story-like format using the story layout. It provides some of the engagement with photos I used to look for in our photo albums. I remember looking at the backs of the photos looking for some kind of description. Something like “Mike’s first Christmas. He tried to eat his stuffed animal.” Or, “Mike on Halloween, age 5. He begged to be a teddy bear.”

Letting the kids help out with these kind of personalized notes adds an element of personalization to the albums and hopefully will give the kids the same nostalgic feel I used to get wrapped up in my own albums. We are raising our kids in a digital age. We do not have the time to put together photo albums in the same way we used to. In truth, I miss that a little bit.

But I do find this product can fill the gaps I’ve created in my mind. I watch my kids look at videos of themselves doing magic and hear them gasp. I listen to them tell stories of the feeling in the pit of their stomach when they were on the Hippogriff ride. I see them remembering and I like seeing that light.

So that’s my own thoughts on Keenai and how we have genuinely integrated this into our vacation/special event life.

And I have a chance for you to try out their services too at a time of year where get togethers with friends and families are often a priority. So that as you start the New Year you can lay out your stories for your family to see. Check out the contest below for details on how to enter.

Be one of the first 10 people to share this post on Facebook and like Keenai’s Facebook (insert link to their page here) page and get a free one-year subscription to Keenai. In addition to that, I’ll hold a draw for everyone who enters below where I’ll give away five separate prizes of 100% off one item custom printed with an image of your choice. Items include: posters, acrylic prints, canvas wraps, coasters, magnets, phone cases, puzzles, and hardcover photo books. The contest is open to everyone and will run from December 27, 2017 until January 2, 2018.
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*I was compensated for this piece. Those albums are certainly our own experiences.

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