What happens when kids decorate with Pixers Christmas wall murals

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

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We are pretty big Christmas decorators. We have a pretty simple process for how we go about doing it:

Wait for November 12 to come around and then put up everything we own.

We used to have what people would call an “aesthetic” as well. We’d have a theme. Our decorations would be pulled together by some common thread. Maybe it was a colour, maybe it was the lyrics to a Christmas song. But, there was a theme.

And then we had kids.

And now, I guess our theme is best described as “things are everywhere.”

Well, I was recently given the opportunity to review some of the wall mural offerings from Pixers and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to let the kids choose some wall decorations that would look great no matter where they put them.

There are a few things to know about these posters: they can be put up on a wall and easily removed, and they are durable enough to survive kids peeling them off.

So here is a step-by-step replay of what happened when we told our kids to put their respective posters wherever they would like.

girl hanging reindeer poster

Child one strategically places reindeer poster over the room’s light switch. This, not surprisingly, doesn’t work. So she removes it.

girl hanging toy factory sign

Older child moves hers slightly to the right, as if to say “I’m the oldest I know how to do what you do not.”

girl with toy factory poster

Still, they remove it after standing back and looking at it. There must be another space. We have now posted and moved two posters. This is where the durability becomes really important.

girl with reindeer print

To the bedroom! With help from me, the reindeer gets hung over her bed. The smile says she likes it.

girl with new christmas posters

Angling for bonus points at Christmas time, the oldest child lets the youngest child hang her poster in her bedroom as well. So now we have one daughter with a whole lot of Christmas in her room. As you can see from her smile, she likes this.

The posters themselves look pretty great in her room to be honest. And I should note that these were just two of a whole lot of Christmas-themed murals.

There were two things I was concerned with: would the sticker backs be too sticky to remove from the wall and would the material be too flimsy to survive kids using them.

As you can see above, they survived kids ripping the paper backing off and they moved from one wall to the other quite smoothly. This was a pretty big deal for us for seasonal decor.

If you’re looking to decorate with the kids this year, these Pixers wall murals are a great way to do it. You can head over to pixers.ca to check them all out. And use the code everydaygirldad for a 40% discount code.

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