What do you need to take with you on a Harry Potter family adventure?

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

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It is common knowledge that the Ford Anglia is the official car of all things Harry Potter. It is not as common knowledge that our family recently traveled to Blythe, Ontario for a Harry Potter festival.

While the Anglia was in short supply for borrowing, we were lucky enough to be given access to a Ford Flex for our journey. What I did not know was that the Ford Flex would also offer us some sort of magic we had not experienced in our eight years of parenting:

Two rows of seating for kids.

I kid you not, I don’t know how we have managed to drive with kids sitting beside one another all these years.

I cannot properly express the emotional high a parent rides when kids aren’t yelling at one another for an entire car ride. And, when that car ride is an eight-hour car ride,this high becomes even greater.

Here, are the top five reasons having two rows of seats is better than Christmas cookies:

  1. Less yelling.
  2. The yelling you hear is further back in the vehicle.
  3. When you actually get to your destination, your kids haven’t punched each other even one time.
  4. Fewer opportunities for food to get lost under car seats.
  5. Your kids don’t hate the car you actually own for a small number of days.
  6. You can focus on the reason you drove in the first place, in our case, a Harry Potter festival.

But enough about that, what I really want to share with you is a few tips for having the best damn Harry Potter trip you could ever have.

Audiobooks written by J.K. Rowling

This is so essential on any long road trip. A little bit for the kids to be entertained but mostly for the grownups. Audible has all the books available and some of the HP books are so long you could drive around the world listening to them.

Harry Potter glasses

Because it is just such a cool look and so much fun to stare at people you drive past on the road as you wear your wizard glasses. Party City has a few of these.

Harry Potter tattoos

I mean you can draw allover yourself or get real Harry Potter tattoos as well (highly recommended option) but there are a plethora of Harry Potter temporary tattoos out there for you to choose from.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit (or your own HP trivia)

We get so competitive at this that I sometimes have to ask my partner if we can stop so that I can enjoy the surroundings a little more. Yet we still bring this with us on trips.

Have wands

The best ones are the real ones from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter but there are also thousands of nearly almost as good and who know maybe even as good wand makers out there to keep your family in supply.

A Ford

Back to the Anglia. This one isn’t quite as doable as a $12.95 wand, but stretch goals?

harry glasses in the backseat

Look at all that room!

harry potter ornaments

So many Harry Potter ornaments (we now own one)

biggest cotton candy cone

This is legit cotton candy.

standing in front of the big apple

Oh, we also take lots of driving breaks to eat food.

playing road hockey

We drove to a place where we could play road hockey and didn’t hit the car with the ball even once.

family ready magic books

Smart family.

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