19 emotional experiences we all have as parents

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

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Hi, so I’ve been a parent for a lot of years now (they all blend together so I don’t know how long it has actually been, sorry) and I have realized that each and every day is a blessing bestowed upon us my some magical being that lives in the air we breathe. Each day is also a curse obviously because when you have kids you know you aren’t allowed to let your guard down for more than a minute or else your kids will tear you walls down.

I called this 19 emotional experiences we all have as parents but I don’t know you. And I don’t know your kids. For all I know your kids are perfect angels who only evoke happy memories.

LOL, jk, I know that’s not true. That was just a title I thought might make you click.

So here is my little bit sappy, little but happy, little bit mad, and totally honest look at some of the emotions that consume one 24-hour period in the life of a parent:

The joy of watching two sisters fall over in laughter.

The anger at two children who continue to play with toys fifteen minutes after you asked them to get in the car.

The dismay that a pair of missing pants holding up an entire workday morning by 67 minutes because one of the other 45 pairs they have isn’t good enough.

The love of seeing your child fast asleep with a book on their chest.

The what-the-shitidness when your kids are behaving in a restaurant and you don’t want people around you to think that this is always how they act so you’re actually a little upset that they are listening so well.

The frustration of finding head lice in your house. Again.

The internal high-fiving when your kid corrects an adult who has suggested that pink is a girl colour.

The excitement of first day of summer vacation.

The need to yell “I have kids too” when you’re walking in public without kids and see other people with kids jealously looking at you and your kid-free life.

The jealousy of seeing other people out without kids.

The shock at realizing summer vacation is goddamn hard to manage as a parent.

The joy of watching them find something they are truly passionate about.

The exhilaration of your kid figuring out a problem on their own.

The disbelief when you hear “actually I don’t want that any more,” after you have made the exact dinner they asked for 36 minutes earlier.

The pleasure you can find in having one hour to yourself.

The pride in seeing your kids fall asleep with a book on their face.

The overwhelming wishing for five more minutes of sleep.

The unexpectedness of taking a 20 minute shower with no interruptions.

The unwavering likelihood of having the bathroom door opened after you’ve asked everyone else if they need it and they’ve said “no.”

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