How to Make a My Little Pony Cake: From 3 People Who Don’t know How

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

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Here’s a hint for every family: eat cake when you want to.

Now I don’t mean eat cake every for every meal every day (although that does sound delicious). But if you are feeling down or in need of cheering up and think to yourself “I wish I had cake, but darn it it isn’t my birthday,” throw that thought out the window.

Netflix recently launched 14 birthday shorts that have some of your favourite characters singing happy birthday to you. There’s a My Little Pony one, a Beat Bugs one, a Trollhunters one, a Pokemon one, and on and on. We thought this sounded amazing. But, we don’t have any family birthdays until December.

So, we made a My Little Pony (un)Birthday cake. It is worth noting that our cake team consisted of: me, oldest daughter, youngest daughter. Our combined cake decorating experience consisted of zero cakes.

So the key learning after our four hours of cake baking and decorating was: you won’t have time to do anything but make a cake so the Netflix shorts are helpful.

Check out our intruction how (not) to video:

* I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam for which I receive a form of compensation. This is truly my cake work.

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