Host Your Own Harry Potter Backyard Movie Night

Monday, September 11th, 2017

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You dream of Harry Potter. You have read the books 100 times. You can list 100 things the movies changed. You have been angered by the patronus you were given and the house you were sorted into.

You, want to have a Harry Potter backyard movie night.

We know this because we are that person as well. So, recently we turned our backyard into a mini¬†backyard cinema with many nods to the wizarding world. When I say we, I mean that in the sense of I bought many different kinds of beers and also didn’t burden my partner with my complete lack of creative execution. These are her creations and they are awesome.

Budget-wise, this was also not a huge commitment. Many of the images can be printed off online and signs have been created using boards we already had around the house.

With that in mind, here are some of the pieces you need to Wizard-Up your backyard.

drive in sign at movie night

Family Drive-In signage.

madam malkins at movie night

Printable proclamations and homemade Wizarding World signage.

olivanders at movie night

Olivanders natch.

even slytherin at movie night

You may not want to, but be sure to include Slytherin signage. Homemade pennants and radio sign.

snack shack at movie night

No matter the theme, snacks are a must at a backyard party. Homemade sign and pennants.

honeydukes sign at movie night

More signage. Keep all your snacks near the Honeydukes sign.

mad eyes at movie night

Madeyes can be bought for cheap, especially around Halloween.

golden snithces at movie night

Fererro Rocher chocolates with plastic wings as golden snitches.

chocolate frogs at movie night

You can find inexpensive frog mold and buy chocolate wafers for a wizarding word chocolate delicacy.

bertie bots at movie night

Jelly Belly candy is an inexpensive alternative to Bertie Bott’s. Minus the bogey-flavoured kind.

weasley wizard wheezes at movie night

Dollar store finds can fill your Weasley;s Wizard Wheezes suitcase.

drinks at movie


cozy blankets at movie night

Warm blankets for everyone.

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