Canadian Home Cleaners: A How Clean Can Our House Get Review

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

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(We were provided a complimentary cleaning from Canadian Home Cleaners for the purposes of this review.)

“They cleaned the oven!” my partner shouted a few afters we had arrived home after a visit from Canadian Home Cleaners. “We have never cleaned the oven.”

“Oh my god, they cleaned the microwave too.”

This alone could be the end of this review. Our. microwave. is. clean. Our microwave is never clean. In fact, I completely forgot that clean microwaves were actually a thing.

My very honest review of their services was that our house was as clean as it has been since we moved in eight years ago.

For the purpose of a review about a cleaning service I’ll touch on a few of the things that I find particularly helpful. It is worth noting that right now this service is available in Ottawa and Toronto.

Ease of booking

I am not a huge “talk to people on the phone person.” Like I kind of forget I have a phone number sometimes and when it does ring my palms get sweaty and I hesitate for so long that the call goes to voicemail and then I find their email address and respond.

Canadian Home Cleaners had a pretty ridiculously easy to use web form to confirm all our house details. It’s actually super easy to put in your request as long as you know how many rooms you have in your house.

Flexible scheduling

You don’t need to be at home for your cleaning, you just need to make sure they have access. We borrowed a vacuum from my parents because I have never in my life managed to buy a vacuum cleaner that didn’t break almost immediately.

Quality of cleaning

The point, I believe, of having someone come and clean your house, is to have a clean house in the end.

Now, we are decent cleaners in our house. We clean quite frequently actually. But, our house never quite feels clean.

Here is a direct quote from my partner re: the cleaning:

“Our house has never been this clean.”

And here is an honest quote from myself:

“These tears are real. I was never able to get those stairs clean.”

inside a clean oven

inside a clean microwave

Canadian Home Cleaners lists their standard 48 point cleaning checklist and offers additional services from there.

For me, there were three things that really stood out. 1) the oven was cleaned (extra from the 48 point inspection), 2) the microwave was clean (included), and 3) our carpeted stairs were cleaned so thoroughly I don’t think our kids believed they were ours.


The way we have our budget set up in our house, having someone come to clean for us every week, or even every second week, doesn’t work for us. Using Canadian Home Cleaners you can tailor the services you get to meet a budget and you do get discounts for weekly, every two week, or every four week services. Or, like we are more likely to do, you can imply use their services as you need them for somewhere between $100 to $150 for basic services depending on the size of your place.

This is the kind of cost we can consider adding to holiday budgets or before large parties at our house. Given how impressive the job done for us was, we would gladly take this on.

ANDDDDD, if you use the code PuzzlingPosts, you’ll get a $15 discount of your next cleaning.

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