Perth Pie Co.: Pie that’ll leave you wanting more so you buy more

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

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We don’t really plan outings when we travel as a family.

We are more likely to pick a destination, get to that destination, and then let our senses take us to the spots we figure we were meant to see.

Sometimes these adventures lead us to hamburgers. Sometimes to a beach. And as we now know, on the most glorious of our family travels, they lead us to pie.

We recently pointed our car towards Perth. It is a town a little bigger than the one we live in but still small enough to call quaint. It is a mix of old and new, with Pizza Huts, Tim Horton’s, and McDonald’s mixed in with stone building and bakeries. We parked our car in an area that would be considered old.

Like many small towns, the streets were lined with antique stores, clothing boutiques, coffee houses, and toy stores. We popped in and out of these places, turning minutes into hours.

And then we found the Perth Pie Co.

Strangely enough, we hadn’t seen it at first, even though we had parked almost directly beside it. We had arrived focused on finding lunch and didn’t notice what was around our car until hours later when we saw their bright red sign that pointed out the pie…

this way to pie sign

Is there a kind invite out there? I doubt it.

pie company hanging sign

If you find yourself under this sign, open the door and go in.

Oh, the pie

There is pie everywhere.

As you enter, you’re greeted by a full wall of pictures, stories, and recipes for pies. The kind of recipes your grandma or grandpa used to hide at the back of their cupboards. The kinds of recipes you hoped would get passed to your parents one day, and then finally, to you so you could also pass them down. Recipes for all kinds of pies using all kinds of berries.

Fittingly, once you turn your head from the wall, you see the pie counter. And you see butter tarts and cookies. And your mouth waters.

Looking through their offerings, I’ve found: Apple, wild blueberry, blackberry, bumbleberry (have always loved the name of this berry), cherry, fieldberry, raspberry, pecan, strawberry, rhubarb, maple sugar, coconut cream, banana cream, and a bazillion other combinations.

If you like to learn things on your pie company visits, it is worth noting that the owner even gave us a lesson on the haskap berry, one that doesn’t have a long season but is terrific in pie.

And if you’re worried about pairing your pie or tart or cookie with the appropriate drink, let it be known they have that covered too. With coffee from Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee and kombucha from Agapé Gardens.

The atmosphere for pie eating is wonderful. We played scrabble and sat on the couch they have set out for customers. Our daughters wandered around, asking questions about pie, and the staff was delightful in giving them answers. It also didn’t go unnoticed by our girls that they were given a free whipped cream topping for their respective ginger cookie and blueberry and peach pie.


The decor. Recipes to borrow.

ginger cookie with whipped topping

The ginger cookie. My oldest daughter bought a five-pack.

ginger cookie and logo

Really. She did. Five of them. Andrea ate them at work (this is me tattle-taling).

piece of blackberry and peach pie

Both Andrea and our youngest daughter jumped on the blackberry and peach pie.

Family thoughts

So, as a spot for families to come sit down and visit, how does the Perth Pie Co. stack up? Well…

5: I think we stole their whipped cream.

Me: No, they came over and gave it to you.

5: But I don’t think they knew it was that good. It was. I feel kind of bad, they could have just eaten it themselves.

Me: I think it was just being kind. I bet they have more they can eat themselves if they want.

5: I hope they do, they won’t regret it.


Andrea: Oh my god this pie is delicious, I’m sad it’s almost gone.

PPC: We can sell you the other half.

Andrea: (to me) I just want you to know that this is happening.

Andrea: (to PPC) Yes, that is a thing we will do.

box of pie

And then we bought the rest of it because it was that good.

holding half of a pie from perth pie co


They also have started a ‘Suspended Menu’ program, which is a ‘pay-it-forward’ program geared at providing a cup of coffee, or a slice of pie, to those in their community who alternatively, might not have the means to afford it. They always keep a list of suspended menu items available either by the cash or on the chalkboard menu stationed outside their entrance.

Our ultimate verdict

Maybe you didn’t understand all the words above. Maybe I made them too flowery. I have done this before. So, I’ll simplify: we’ll be back. Many times.

2 responses to “Perth Pie Co.: Pie that’ll leave you wanting more so you buy more”

  1. Joshua Reil says:

    It was wonderful having you and your family. Thank you for flour-y words. Get it. Seriously though you that was beautiful. Thank you so much. You are all welcome back any time.

    Josh Reil
    Perth Pie Co. Official Taste tester.

    P.S. I did eat the rest of that fresh whipped cream. It really is amazing.

  2. Chrissy_B says:

    We love Perth so much we decided to get married there last year. I had no clue that they had a pie place in town. I will have to look into this for our next mini road trip. Too bad we didn’t know about it sooner, we passed through twice this week alone.

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