Daughters Vs. Dad Scotts Gro Crew Challenge: Identifying common garden pitfalls

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

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We are now well into our Daughters Vs. Dad Scotts Gro Crew Challenge that we’re participating in with Scotts. To recap: we put together our own raised bed gardens and filled it with Micracle-Gro Organic Raised Bed soil. Then my daughters planted all kinds of vegetables and herbs and I planted all kinds of vegetables and herbs and eventually we will harvest them and have a cookoff and I will win our contest.

Honestly, I wondered how this would go. I thought for sure one of us would struggle to set up our raised bed gardens, or that we’d place them in the wrong spot, or that once we planted the vegetables nothing would grow.

So far, everything has gone wonderfully.

But we know there are plenty of pitfalls that can take down any raised bed garden, even one as wonderfully cared for as our cilantro-full ones. So we wanted to take a look at some of those, and which ones we’re more worried about for our own garden.


Too much water or too little water: Not all plants need the same amount of water and we’ve had a heck of a rainy season this year. There’s a fine line between not needing to run out at night to water your garden as mosquitoes attack you and having rain overwhelm your garden. So just be midful of how much water your garden is getting. Don’t let it go through dry spells, but also make sure you’re not watering it every three hours.

Insects: Bugs can be pains in the butt, ruining the fruits of your labour. This can be particularly true with hostas, lettuce, and tomatoes. You can use Slug B Gon if you find this becoming problematic to your plants. Similarly, it is common for aphids and earwigs to devour your flowers. Bug B Gon Insecticidal Soap is an easy solution for this issue.

Furry critters digging up your plants: We see little bunnies hopping around our property all the time. They are fun to look at and then you realize them and their friends can destroy your garden rather easily. The simple solution is to build a physical barrier around your garden. You can use chicken wire or other material you might have on hand.

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