7 Netflix shows for adults you can watch with your five-year-old

Friday, July 28th, 2017

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There are a lot of shows on Netlfix you wan’t to watch, aren’t there?

But you think¬†to yourself “dang though, I have kids and not all of these shows are suitable for kids so I’ve really got to manage my list of movies I want to watch when the kids aren’t in the room with me!”

And so you rush your way through four minutes of Orange is the New Black in the bathroom before making lunches for school, and you sneak three minutes and change of Ozark while your kids are brushing their teeth before bed. You know every minute watched with them otherwise entertained is a minute you’ll have saved for yourself before you fall asleep at night way earlier than you had planned.

Because if there are two guarantees in my life as a parent it’s that: 1. bedtime will take longer than planned, and 2. I will fall asleep earlier than planned.

And you do this forever and ever because sneaking time is what you do as a parent.

But what if there was a way to clear some of the movies that are kind of fringe adult-only, freeing you up to spend the 18 minutes every night that you’re awake when your kids are asleep watching your favourite grown-up shows?

Here I am giving you some tips on which not-quite-kid movies on Netflix you should feel free to go ahead and watch with them anyway

Lord of the Rings movies

Yeah it’s a little scary at moments and Gimli has one hell of a tongue, but if your daughter can handle the orc violence, it’s quite a tale to be able to sit and watch with them. Plus, all of these movies rank among my top all time ones and I make a lot of Lord of the Rings references in my day-to day so it’s kind of necessary that they see these.


I’ll get in trouble from people for framing it this way, but this is pretty much Lord of the Rings in a a different fictional environment. Sure, the AVENGERS MOVIES AREN’T AS GOOD as the Lord of the Rings movies but both have a ragtag group of strong people that save things from bad people. You can watch these with kids.

Star Wars

There are the cartoons and there is obviously Rogue One and The Force Awakens. Watch all of them. I’m not sure if this is one parents even have a hard time showing their young kids because we have watched them so many times with ours. Again, fantasy violence but makes my Darth Vader references mean more because they’ve seen them.

Jurassic Park

If your kids are into potty humour, the toilet man eaten by T-Rex scene is one that they’ll, um, like? It’s a bit of a scary movie, sure, but it can’t be scarier for your kids than it was for the kids in the movies and you’ll never have to worry about being the family who is stupid enough to visit a dinosaur park opening for the 14th time after 13 tragedies.


Just kidding. Watch this just because it’s an awesome movie whether your kids are with you or not.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Our kids deserve unorthodox heroes too. Kimmy is that hero.

The Hunger Games

Katniss is a good role model? This could be our future? There are ways to convince yourself that you can watch this with kids.

BONUS: Black Mirror

Again, I am being a jokester. I can hardly handle the realness that these shows¬†throw at me and I don’t want to end up the topic of an episode that looks into what happens when parents watch PG13 movies with their five-year-old’s.

*This is part of my Netflix #StreamTeam partnership for which I am compensated. Also, my five-year-old thought orcs looked ugly.

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