Dads, it’s time we had the menstruation talk

Monday, June 5th, 2017

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Here are a few things dads should be afraid of:

  • Giant spiders (I am).
  • Your kid saying “uh oh, don’t tell dad” in the other room.
  • Giant snakes (I am).
  • Being woken up at 4 in the morning on a weekend (it’s going to happen whether you’re afraid of it or not so whatever).

What dads should not be afraid of:

  • Menstruation.

It is silly that that is the case for so many of us. I mean, I kind of get it. Too many people approach menstruation as a taboo, or hush-hush topic. And many men don’t experience menstruation so many of us just keep our noses out of it. So if it helps, say it a few times to try and change this way of thinking.

Menstruation! menstruation! period! period!

I’ve partnered up with LoveJane, a company who makes first period kits, monthly period kits and more to get the conversation started with dads. Because we can be better at it.

So here’s what we need to know. Or at least, here is a start

Your daughter getting her first period is just a sign that they are growing up. Holding your hands over your ears or covering your eyes doesn’t change the fact that their body changes. This is completely normal. You freaking out and making them feel bad about it isn’t.

The more naturally you react, the more comfortable your daughter is going to feel. So, if your daughter doesn’t initiate the conversation, consider doing so yourself. This will let them know you are open to talking about it. That it’s not weird. That it’s all okay.

Talking about the first period is just one of a whole lot of conversations you could should be having over the next few years. The better you listen, the more they will be open to telling you.

Why start now?

  • Girls normally get their first period any time between ages 8 and 15, so it can be hard to pinpoint the right time to bring it up on your own.
  • Starting at 7 or 8, talk to your kid’s pediatrician about how close your child is to getting their period or if they are showing signs of puberty.
  • Now, before they get their first period is the time to talk to them about the changes that might happen to their body.

So, LoveJane.

I was pretty excited to partner up with a company that works to normalize menstruation with dads. I think this is a conversation dads can, and should, certainly be involved in.

I’m going to walk you through what goes in a LoveJane The First Period Kit so that we all leave feeling comfortable with this.

The First Period Kit is a pretty nice looking little bag that will prepare them for that first day (you pick your colour. Well not you, them, but you know what I mean) filled with all the things they will need when they start menstruating.

dad holding first period book from lovejane kit

It includes two light tampons, five pads, five feminine wipes, five disposable bags, one just-in-case LoveJane Panty, and The Period Book: The LoveJane Guide to Getting Your First Period (which just happens to be a book you should probably read yourself).

A first period kit and its contents

They can take this with them to school, sports practice or anywhere they go so they are prepared no matter when it comes.

And I’m going to stress this dads, you can also carry around one of these packs in case of emergency too. Maybe keep one in the glove compartment of your car. Be part of the solution.


– Me

You should also stock your home with enough supplies to get them through their first period or two. I recommend getting The Beautiful First Month – a First Period Kit with refills to last the month.

A love jane monthly period kit and its contents

Subscription services

LoveJane also offers a subscription service, which delivers supplies every month. So convenient.

All the products look cool and all the products can be easily packed into bags, backpacks, purses or suitcase so she (and you) can always have one on hand.

So there it is dads, menstruation, menstruation, periods, periods. Pretty easy to talk about between us so even easier to talk about with your kids.

Do check out the LoveJane site for more information on the products and services they offer.

And don’t forget to check out the Hey Dads! page designed specially for Dads and the First Timer page to help answer any questions you may have.

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