Increase the Wonder Woman merchandise for men and boys

Friday, May 19th, 2017

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I looked through all the Wonder Woman stuff at Gap and it is amazing. Like, I’ll buy multiple pairs of all of it kind of amazing. I often look at these things because both of my daughters and my partner love all things Wonder Woman.

But, in my simple search of all available Wonder Woman clothing, I didn’t see one thing targeted at boys and men. Not a jacket, not a pair of socks, not a hat with the WW emblazoned on the front. That sucks. As one of these boys and men, we need these things.

Now, we don’t need these things because boys and men are under served in the superhero genre, we all know that’s not the case. We know there are PLENTY of superheroes for boys and men. So many, in fact, that they often leave out the women superheroes in promotional merchandise.

We need these things because boys and men are under served in the women as role models genre. And that needs to change.

There really is is no reason why boys and men shouldn’t see a Wonder Woman denim jacket and want to add it to their must-have list. Nothing except the fact that we don’t let them think they should. Or that we don’t make it available.

We should have dads walking down the street with sons on their shoulders and Wonder Woman logos on their chests and this should be no big deal.

YOUNG GIRLS KNOW THEY ARE STRONG. YOUNG BOYS SHOULD KNOW THAT TOO. That they don’t is the fault of men and boys like myself who have gone most of their lives without spreading this kind of message. For too long, too few of us have held up women as role models for our boys.

We often profile the tender, kind, nurturing sides of women to our kids. We show them giving hugs and kisses and smelling flowers or cuddling a crying child. What we very rarely do is profile the strength, speed, power, and determination of girls and women the same way.

What we end up with is men and boys using “you run like a girl” & “you throw like a girl” as insults which is pathetically wrong. We get girls believing this because many around them, men and women, have featured feminine traits as weaknesses.

Girls and women can be all of these things. Or any combination of them. And all of these are things boys and men should look at as desirable traits to model. We need to be better at doing this.

If you dig, you will find these superheroes on clothes for boys and men.

But making it hard to find reinforces the idea that it is not normal for a boy to want a girl role model. Change this. Have it everywhere.

In summary: I want my Wonder Woman jacket.

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