Dad, I told another kid that pink isn’t a girl colour and blue isn’t a boy colour

Friday, April 28th, 2017

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Hey, just a cool little update that as of today, colours still do not belong to any one gender. Blue is still open to all, so is pink. Purple is a strong colour. Gold is pretty exceptional also.

This concept is one my five-year-old has become a smidge pre-occupied with explaining to other kids in her school. Or adults she overhears in restaurants or toy stores.

Like she comes home from school, slings her backpack on the kitchen table and sighs like she has just put in hours at the office coming up with some eleventh hour ad copy for a very high-paying client.

“Dad, I told another kid that pink isn’t a girl colour and blue isn’t a boy colour.”

Then she’ll go to the cupboard and get herself a plastic cup, pour herself some water, put the cup on the counter and kind of hang her head over it, roll her head around, give her neck a squeeze and continue.

“It’s just not hard to understand.”


“They are just colours, everyone can like all of them.”

*finishes the rest of the water in one big sip*

“Big deal, I’m a girl, I like purple and blue and green, you know what I mean?”

And so I just look at her and nod affirmatively.

“Thanks for listening, just a bit of a long day. Can I have some fishy crackers?”

Make her work easier, remind all kids all the time that colours are just colours and they are awesome.

Remind any grownups you see pushing this crap too and do it with the unshakable confidence of a 5-year-old.

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