Raise strong daughters, become strong dads: use “she” or “they” more frequently

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

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So I recently started a series on tips for dads looking to raise strong daughters while basically becoming stronger themselves.

I guess it is mostly a how dads can become really cool because their daughters already are kind of list.

This is not an exhaustive list because I’m still learning things as I go too, but hey, I have some insight into this kind of thing so I’m adding to that list today.

Oh, and it is worth repeating, maybe even yelling, that these tips work for dads and moms and sons and daughters too! Or anyone else you’d like to share tips with. Tip free for all!

Use “she” or “they” when talking about non-specific individuals

When talking about what scientists do or about how far away astronauts go when on a mission, talk about the things “she” does on a day-to-day basis.

I tried to take note of just how many professions I defaulted to “he” on and it’s astoundingly bad. Our biases are real and they manifest themselves in ways we don’t even know.

Equal representation of women in the media for some professions just doesn’t exist. Girls are asked to think they can grow up to become anything they want but are asked to do this using men as their example.

If you’re not referring to a specific individual, at least try and switch it up a bit. I actually saw a great example recently where a Facebook page asked “do you have kids? If you do, she’ll love this new LEGO set,” in reference to one of the newest amazing LEGO releases.

I also couldn’t care less if you think it isn’t grammatically correct, not all people use he or she as a pronoun so please try and use they/them when you can. I know it’s in you to be able to do and it becomes really easy after doing it for even a day.

It is amazingly simple to do once you have started.

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