The Coosha Calendar app helps us keep our family life as calm as family life can be

Monday, January 30th, 2017

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Hey, did you know that if your kids have any interest in any kind of thing at ll, life can get really cluttered with events really fast?

Maybe you didn’t know this because you’re too busy doing those things.

Honestly, I have forgotten about things my kids were supposed to be doing. Not often, but it has happened. Over the years I have missed one baseball game, one soccer practice and been 13 minutes late for a haircut.

The Coosha Calendar app is a free calendar app that was just recently released for i devices (with Android coming soon) that offers people ways to share and manage your schedule. While this isn’t only useful for families (I get it people without kid, you do a lot of fun things I only wish I was still able to do) it has become something pretty invaluable to our family.

What specifically has helped me as a dad who does some things in his own spare time but many things with his kids:

Personal Calendars & Categorize Events

This is actually an awesome feature. It means you can pretty much categorize events, exactly as the feature says, to make sure different groups see different things. So, do you want grandparents to show up at Leah’s Curling Game but not show up at Buy a Bottle of Wine and Watch Sherlock With Partner? Well if you do, you can use this feature of the Coosha Calendar to make that happen.

Group Calendars

I am Canadian, therefore I play some sort of winter sport. The one I have picked at this stage in my life is curling. The group calendar feature of the Coosha calendar app allows people in this exact same situation (or maybe you play hockey, or ringette, or luge instead) to share your schedule with teammates.

Custom Reminders

Okay, so you’re a parent and you have activities really early in the morning. Your kids were up all night because every time you started to watch Harry Potter as they slept, they’d hear the opening music start, get out of bed, run in to your room and ask “can I watch too?” Of course you answered no and then sent her off to bed again. And repeat. So you’re getting ready for gymnastics practice and YOU FORGET TO BRING COFFEE AND NOW EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE.

The custom reminders function of the Coosha calendar app allows you set reminders in advance. So you set one for every week that happens two hours before gymnastics. “Don’t every forget your coffee again,” you call it, and you never do forget it again.

Sharable To-Do Lists

Oh my god I can’t believe how often you need to actually clean a house to keep that house clean when you have kids. We can sue the to-do list to share the things we think must get done in order to not be living in a home that pigs would welcome. We will never have a completely clean home, but these lists help us keep it decent.


You can import your iOS Calendar, Google and Microsoft Calendars because people at my work aren’t using the Coosha calendar app yet and I still get so many meeting requests!

Works offline

You don’t always have data access, as much as you always wish you did. Luckily, Coosha calendar will still work for you even if Words With Friends does not.

This is a look at our weekly schedule, along with the likelihood of me missing it without a calendar on my phone to help me keep track of things and the Coosha calendar app feature most likely to help me not do that.

Monday: My curling

I don’t tend to forget about this altogether, but I do forget what time it is at from week to week. Good use of categorized events.


Tuesday: Watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netlfix

I will not stand for forgetting to make time to watch this but I don’t need a specific time for it. Custom reminder set to “stay up late with the kids and watch NPH as Olaf.”

watching lemony snicket

Wednesday: Brownies

Again, custom reminders work here because while I’m pretty great at remembering that we have Brownies, I’m not as great at remembering to bring weekly dues.

Badges at brownies

Thursday: Tattoo appointment

I use every feature available to me because tattoo appointment are hard to get and can cost you your deposit if you don’t show up for them.

new tattoo of blue jays logo

Friday: Storybook character day at school

Would never forget about this. Not when she dresses as Hermione.

dressed as hermione

Saturday: Dad and daughter haircuts

So I booked the appointment at work on my work computer while using my work calendar. So importing events from that calendar to Coosha calendar is perfect.

wonder woman haircut

Sunday: Their curling

Group calendar time because the whole family wants to watch the action.

Winter curling

*I was compensated for my review of the calendar app. All the points above are my own.

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