Where will we find her reading? the adventures of an Amazon Kindle kid

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

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My daughter, like most kids, exaggerates portions of her life greatly.

“I stayed up all night last night reading,” she told me one night as she was getting ready for bed. “I’m going to do the same thing tonight.”

And, because the idea of your kid staying up all night sounds great, I sat and listened to her read for a few minutes and then turned off her lights and went to my own room assuming she’d quickly fall asleep.

An hour later she was still reading. And so I said “you’re allowed to get some sleep.”

She said “I will as soon as I’m done this part.”

Half an hour later, she was still reading.

And so I said “okay, you have to get some sleep now.”

Kids, it seems, may not exaggerate as much as I thought.

Well, we were recently given the opportunity to try out an Amazon Kindle to check out Kindle FreeTime, a feature on current Kindle e-readers that allows parents to set daily reading goals for their children either by page count or duration.

We’ve been pretty lucky that extended reading sessions have never been a struggle for our oldest daughter. Still, it’s been fun to watch her develop as a reader. And, with this Kindle, we’ve been able to watch her grow to the point where it’s hard to take her away from books to do things like eat.

Where can one find a kid reading?

While playing the drums…


In the cardboard box house they make to escape from you, the parents, who ask them to go to sleep every time you catch them reading at 10 p.m…


In the bathroom, because they know you try to hide there so why shouldn’t they?


In all honesty, we don’t use the Kindle FreeTime app the way it’s suggested. There aren’t enough words in books or hours in a day to challenge our youngest daughter right now. But the Kindle is now something that is unquestionably hers, even if I have a few books on there that I haven’t been allowed to read.

She takes it everywhere, she falls asleep with on her chest.

She reminds me how wonderful it is to watch a child learn.

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