What would a kid eat on a SUBWAY® sandwich? Almost anything if it’s grown local

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SUBWAY® Restaurants for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our daughter won a first place ribbon at the county fair in our area for her squash plant. As parents who lack green thumbs, we were amazed at this accomplishment. We patted ourselves on the back for it because we each had watered it a couple of times late at night when our daughter had gone to bed. Then we brought it home from the fair and forgot about it and three days later we no longer had a first place winning squash living in our house.

With our home grown produce dreams gone for yet another year, we have turned to SUBWAY® Restaurants for our fresh vegetables as part of their partnership with Burnac Produce to bring locally grown produce to Ontario’s 1,300 Subway Shops.

I’ve been a SUBWAY® eater for probably 15 years now and my order is pretty automatic. I get a footlong turkey breast every. single. time. And when one orders a one meat sandwich every single time, the vegetables become rather important.


Lucky for me, I’m in Ontario, a pretty well-known source of many vegetables. I grew up around farms myself and am thrilled that when I put in my double-digits long request for my chicken breast sub, some of those will have been grown in this province and the nutrition value stays high.


Likewise, my kids get a little toppings-shy when they go in to order something so being able to give them a little more detail about the vegetables is a bonus.


“What are you going to get on your sub?” I ask them, knowing it could take 30 minutes to order if we give them the choice when we’re at the counter.

“Everything!” they answer loudly and enthusiastically. And so we walk in and get up to the counter and…

“So what do you want on it?”

*child stares at me.

*I stare at SUBWAY® sandwich artist.

*SUBWAY® sandwich artist stares at child.

“The tomatoes were grown in Ontario you know?” I’d tell my daughter who I know loves tomatoes.

“Like Nan and I grew?” I can envision her asking, having grown tomatoes with her grandmother a few years in a row now.


“Can I have just tomatoes please?”

And she would end up with a ham and tomato sandwich that she would devour. And that she’d be happy with because she loves fresh vegetables as much as she loves getting the opportunity to “go out” for a special dinner.

A kid’s view on buying local

My kid is more of an expert on food, and farming for that matter, than I am since I will eat pretty much anything. So I actually asked someone with specific food interests a few questions about bringing locally grown produce to Ontario’s 1,300 Subway Shops

Would you rather SUBWAY® used vegetables from Ontario or from any other place on earth?

Ontario because it’s where we live and we might even know some of the cities the food is grown in. I’ve had tomatoes from Ontario and they are good. I’d also eat food from Mars though, but that isn’t Earth.

What’s your favourite thing about farmers?

Well I love the food they make. And their tractors are pretty cool too. And I love overalls. That’s what I bought for back to school clothes (confirmed by me to be the truth, she loves those overalls).

What is your dream SUBWAY® sandwich?

I like the pizza one. With cheese and tomatoes and lettuce. Are we going there right now?

And with that tasty morsel and prompt in mind, find a store near you and add some of your own favourite locally grown produce to your sub.

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