A most comprehensive comprehensive guide to a Gilmore Girls Halloween

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

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It’s mid-October which means two different things. Halloween is almost here and so is Gilmore Girls.

Well, there’s no reason, none at all, why you should not combine the two things and have an epic Gilmore Girls Halloween soiree, even if there aren’t a lot of Gilmore Girls episodes directly related to Halloween. And, I guess, even if the Gilmore Girls return you’ve been waiting for hasn’t been released yet.

Buck convention and use the following suggestions for your party…

To eat

Ranked according to importance, the eating category came first.

When I discussed this section with my partner, our true Gilmore Girls expert, she suggested “everything.” But, we’ve narrowed it down to a few things that will lend your party the “eat everything” feel without actually being everything…

Appetizer: Pop tarts


Main course:

Pizza with a side of blueberry pancakes


Dessert: Red Vines


To wear

Well you can’t have a Halloween party without dressing up. And look at this, my daughter and I did our own Gilmore Girls dressup party to help…


Or, be Sookie St. James

Or, be Luke…

To watch

This one was difficult. Do we turn to episodes that feature Halloween? Should we suggest movies that were popular in the years Gilmore Girls was on television?

Or, do we focus on the movies discussed most often on the show? We mostly took this route. Hope you have a long party planned.

Gilmore Girls: “Twenty-One Is the Loneliest Number” (2005)

Working Girl (Season 1, Episode 19; Season 6, Episode 5)

To Kill a Mockingbird (Season 1, Episode 19; Season 2, Episode 8; Season 3, Episode 6)

Pulp Fiction (Season 2; Episode 3; Season 4, Episode 18; Season 5, Episodes 13 and 17**)

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Season 2, Episode 15; Season 3, Episode 14; Season 4, Episodes 3* and 14; Season 5, Episode 3)

To drink

You’ve watched 10 hours of movies and the kids are finally in bed. IT’S DRINKS TIME.

Coffee, natch. And why not in one of these mugs:


Found here.


Found here.

Found here.

But remember, the kids are asleep (if that matters at all). So:

Gin martini with an olive

Founders Day punch

What to decorate with


For those drinks mentioned above.


Looks good in any room.


And of course, a Luke’s sign.

*This has been a Netlfix #StreamTeam post. That is in fact me and my daughter as the Gilmore Girls.

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