Mark’s winter wear: good for winter man work

Monday, October 31st, 2016

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Mark’s is known for it’s industrial wear so I sit at a desk in front of a computer for a lot of the day and often wondered what kind of offerings I could get from Mark’s. I was pleasantly surprised that Mark’s offers a great selection of work and casual wear for men and women.

Was there a pair of mitts that would warm my cold fingers as they typed? Or fashionable socks I could wear while walking around my desk?

I settled for looking for things that would help me get to and from work. And things that would keep me warm and dry in what can only be described as a miserable Canadian winter.

It does turn out that Mark’s also offers a pretty great selection of coats, jackets and boots too. Mark’s has a wide selection of national brands like WindRiver, Columbia, FarWest, and Helly Hansen.

Well, they do, and putting them all together, you get a pretty great outfit for dad to wear around the house as he’s helping fix all the things that need fixing and doing at this time of year. A dad’s job is just never done, is it?

I was provided the TMAX Quilted Bomber and the “Portage” Low-Cut Rubber Boot. I decided to see just how helpful this jacket and boot set was when doing all the typical things a man like me might get up to on any given late-fall/winter weekend.

Putting up Christmas lights



Doing dishes


Raking leaves



Reading bedtime stories


Making dinner


Watching curling practice


Honest review: this jacket is so light that I did not believe it would be warm. It. is. toasty. The perfect amount of toasty for lying in bed at night with your child and reading bedtime stories apparently.

I haven’t taken the boots off since I got them. They are shockingly comfortable for a rain boot.

As for how they both look…well I’ll leave that to you to judge based on looking through my weekend activity pictures. I’d say they both look great but, well, I’m a bit biased.

*I was compensated for this review. I genuinely wear these boots in the house though.

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