What makes an #EverydayGirlDad

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

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I don’t buy that dads should treat their daughters like princesses.

I also don’t buy that dads should tell their daughters that princesses are bad.

I don’t buy that menstruation and bras and puberty are conversations daughters should only have with a woman.

I don’t buy that dads need to fear the partners their daughters choose.

I do buy that the relationship between a dad and a daughter can be amazing.

I do buy that the the rules of that relationship aren’t dictated by the dad alone.

I’m also a little tired of seeing pictures of a “good relationship” between a dad and his daughter meaning dad lets daughter do his nails or dad sits down at the small table for a tea party. Sure, those can most definitely be parts of a fun dad and daughter relationship, but those aren’t the only ones. We’ve come to a point where we are, rightfully, trying to shift the idea of what masculinity means. But because masculinity has for so long been portrayed using hyper-masculine examples like football players or military members and dads who are solely responsible for the protection of his children, we are left with these examples of dads doing hair and falling asleep under pink covers to show what it now means to be a dad to daughters.

I just worry that articles and commercials about dads playing a bigger role in the lives of their daughters are aimed too much at doing their hair more often and not enough at playing in the ditch trying to find sharks together. Both can happen. Both should happen and both do happen.

So what is an #EverydayGirlDad?

Honestly, I have no idea. I know what I do as a dad to two daughters but even the way I interact with my two girls is completely different. I read a lot with one, I run around the house pushing babies in a stroller with the other. I’m betting it’s the dad getting his daughter up at 5 a.m. for hockey practice. I’m also betting it’s the dad running through the school hallway trying to get his daughter’s ballet shoes on in time for practice or a dad who cries watching his daughter program her first video game. I know with me it is sometimes falling asleep as my daughter reads to me at bedtime.

I’m betting the everyday girl dad also understands that they can also learn from their daughters. So what I wanted to do was put together some of the moments my daughters and I have determined to be defining of our father and daughter relationship. And we’re going to keep doing this every week for as long as we want. Every week I’ll pick an image and both of my daughters will pick an image and we will continue to share our example of what it mean to us to be an #EverydayGirlDad.

But we know that we don’t define what it is to be a dad with daughters. So we want to see what the other #EverydayGirlDad‘s are doing. Share it on Instagram and we’ll see how great the relationship between a dad and daughter can be.

Back to school


Dad and daughter with a drink

Dad and daughter in halloween costume

a one of a kind kid wearing a one of a kind hat

Family set of red nails

Dad and daughter reading a book they wrote together

Daughter watching dad get a tattoo of one of her drawings

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