Where would you eat cake to make it most memorable?

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

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My kids are exceptionally skilled at creating imaginary story characters, at developing knock, knock jokes that manage to completely break the knock, knock format yet still be funny, and at telling us they are extremely hungry yet not wanting to eat anything once dinner is in front of them.

Something they’re not so good at, is believing that their dad was once a kid too.

“Okay, so you were a kid,” they’ll start. “But a kid who was a grownup with kids?”

“No, a kid who was a kid just like you.”

“Oh, okay. But with kids and who was tall.”

“Nope, just the kids part.”

“I don’t get it.”

So the best way for me to relate to them the things I liked to do as a kid is to relive my favourite things with them with the same vigour they’d show those moments. For instance, when we play hide and seek I don’t just sit on the nearest couch and throw a blanket over myself. No, I search out the nearest curtain and wrap myself in its lacy embrace.

And another favourite is to share with them the love I used to have for eating cake. And more specifically, the chocolate¬†McCain Deep ‘n Delicious cake that I used to sneak from the freezer at the cottage we stayed at when I was a kid.

Here, I need to be a little bit careful with how I present myself. Do I want my kids sneaking into our freezer to steal our McCain Deep ‘n Delicious cake? Clearly no, because I still want to eat that stuff myself and I’d be really angry if I went to sneak a late-night piece only to find it all gone. But, it’s the responsibility of a parent to teach their kid how to have fun, and many times eating cake, even cake you’ve stolen from under the nose of your dad, is fun.

With that in mind, I set out to make cake eating with my kids as memorable as possible. Admittedly, I don’t remember an abundance of times I’ve sat down at a table and quietly eaten a piece of cake. There seems to be a few unwritten rules about how to eat cake—sitting down at a table, using a fork, managing the size, having perfectly uniform pieces distributed to all. I think these rules neutralize just how fun it can be to eat a cake.

So to show my kids just how kid-like I could be, and to make our own memories of eating cake, I asked them to think of a few places they didn’t think I’d let them eat cake. And I said “eat that cake however you want.”¬†They picked eating cake in a playground…but they wanted forks.

And then we ate cake there…

the unboxed playground cake

getting cake ready to serve

lip licking excitement

feeding cake to busy kids

eating cake on a slide

forget plates, just eat cake

Dads eat cake too

MCcain mom and kid

The smiles on their faces made me realize this was indeed going to be a cake eating memory they’d remember years from now. Same with the urgent call that parents so often get from one of their kids while playing at a playground.

“Um, I have to go to the bathroom.”

And that was when we hastily packed our McCain Deep’n Delicious and race back to our house…without one of our plates.

Still, immeasurably worth it. And I managed to pick the plate up the next morning while on my morning run. So, win, win?

*I was compensated for this post. The smiles within this story are 100 per cent unaltered.

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