We all wear dresses: a bedtime story

Sunday, June 7th, 2015

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There were many people who made many dresses for all the other people in the land.

Because in this land, everyone, loved dresses.

Both boys and girls made these dresses and both boys and girls wore these dresses.

As the boys and girls who made the dresses did their work, they liked to sing a dress-making song:

“We make dresses, they make us feel good.
We make dresses like we know we should.

The dresses we make are for everyone.
Even if that person doesn’t have a bum.

And the kitties and the dogs they also wear dresses.
Although they make many, many, many more messes.

The song is done.”

The dresses all looked different. Some of them they made really long. Some of them they made really blue. Some of them they made with frilly patches on the shoulders. And some of them were such good spinners that when the wearer spun, the dress would fly so high that you could see their undies. (Editor’s note: my daughter would not let me share this story without the following well-crafted line she came up with.) And if they didn’t have undies on everyone could see their vulvas and bums.

Everyone wore the dresses because they were so pretty. And, most importantly, because they made both boys and girls feel really, really good and happy.

And, the makers were always being asked for “more and more” dresses because everyone “loved their dresses too much to take off.”

They wore their dresses in the bath and they wore their dresses to bed. They wore their dresses playing baseball and they wore their dresses brushing their teeth. They wore their dresses during food fights and they wore their dresses at summer camp.

So they made more than just the dresses. They made princess underwear and king underwear and eyeball popping out underwear. They made princess nightgowns and they made king nightgowns. And, they made dresses for more than just people. They made cat-themed dresses for dogs and dog-themed dresses for cats. They were tiny dresses, dresses with four holes. And they too, were beautiful.

“Because people need to feel good on all parts of their bodies,”  the makers told one another. “And because dogs and cats walk on their arms and legs.”

And all the people in the land sang songs about their dresses and how they made them feel:

“We wear our dresses so we all feel good,
Every single person in our neighbourhood.

No one else cares what it is we wear
Even if it’s eye popping out underwear.

If we spin our dresses high enough you’ll see some smiles.
For miles and miles and miles and miles.

The song is done.”

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