I’ll go to sleep. But not in the ocean: a bedtime story

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

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You see that ocean in the picture?

I never want to go in it.

Because I’m scared yesterday.

And the ocean has water.

Is this room the ocean?

Or are we even going to read books tonight?

I’m still not going to jump on the trampoline,

but it’s time for me to brush my teeth.

I’ll do that later.

Right now I have to wash my clothes.

I swam last summer.

Yes, in the ocean. The water one.

Wait! It’s not actually bedtime.

I need to give my baby some coffee.

It helps her chew gum.

But not the baby that doesn’t bend. Or the one who bends too much.

Could we move my mattress to the ground?

I saw the moon when it was sunny.

Can you take the sun away?

I know which sandals I’m going to wear next summer.

I know I yawned but I’m not tired.

My hand just needs some cream.

But I want you to take it off after.

I’m going to take my pyjamas off now.


I need to play with my Elsa doll before bedtime.

I don’t have one.

But yesterday the ocean filled with water that tasted like salt.

And we ate hot dogs for lunch today.

OK, I get it, I have to go to sleep.

And I will. Once I’ve dried my hair.

With a baby stroller.

Because I’ll never swim in the ocean water again.

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