What are you decorating during the holidays? A Nabob coffee tale

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

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It was around the minute the calendar flipped from October to November that families like ours started dusting off their decorations, readying themselves for their self-imposed deadline day to bring the holidays to life.

There are some who feel November 1 is plenty long enough to wait. Others wait for November 11 to pass before bringing out their wreaths and lights. There’s the group that waits for November 25 because a one-month lead-up to Christmas is more than enough to charge the holiday spirit batteries. There are the American Thanksgivingers and there are the December firsts. And, of course, there are those who pretty much get decorations up any day they can find time.

That people decorate during the holidays is fairly standard. Many families have a favourite decoration—one that always gets brought out and put on prominent display. For some people it’s a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer their mom painted when she was young. For others it’s a pine cone ornament they made when they were in Kindergarten. I don’t know what that one ornament is for your family, but I do have a pretty good feeling I know one thing about it…

…when you decorated your house, you did not put that ornament in your coffee cup.

This year, we drankĀ Nabob Midnight Eclipse Dark Bold straight up during our official family decorating business (and for the record we’re November 12 decorators). It’s delicious and it helped us keep our eyes open when it was 4:30 a.m. and our kids were begging us to put The Bumble on the Christmas tree and when it was 8:30 p.m. and they wanted to string lights up from every corner of our ceiling.

Holiday decorations belong on fireplace mantles or on the bannister at the end of a long sweeping staircase. They belong on trees and on red ladders and windows. They belong on the front of red wool sweaters and on the outside of your coffee mug. But the inside of that mug, a place nobody can see, is no place for decorations.

What extraordinary things did we decorate over the holidays with Nabob coffee in hand?


Or, the shelf that most of the year was home to our mail…


Or that usually lonely corner beside our front door that we usually ignore…

DecorateHomeThere’s so much to be excited about during the holidays so I can understand the urge people get to peppermint things. You know where we did discover that peppermint tastes amazing? These cookies. That’s a recipe for two dozen chocolate peppermint cookies in only 40 minutes. And they pair amazingly well with your Nabob coffee no matter what time of year.

*I received compensation from Nabob for this post.

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