How to go overboard, and love it: a Rapunzel birthday party

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

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Hi folks, Andrea “the partner” here – with a little crafty blog takeover. When I am given the login and password info, I will happily take the reigns to talk about cake and crafts and parties. And I love a good party. I love a good THEMED party. I am *that* mom. I have actually always been that PERSON really, it’s just that parenthood has provided never ending opportunities to go overboard with a theme.

When The Illustrator saw a princess arrive at a friends birthday, she immediately knew SHE HAD TO HAVE THAT. A princess party. A Rapunzel birthday party. With a pinata, to be exact.

I was a little nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney movies, love princesses, love all things glitter and flowers and bright. But I’m not as big a fan of cartoon faces plastered all over everything. It’s actually not super easy to find Rapunzel specific things anyway. Or so I told myself. After some time on Pinterest I decided our house just had to look like the kingdom celebration in Tangled.

So off I went.

I made tissue paper flowers (and a few glittery ribbon ones) and attached them to an old faux christmas greenery bough…

Rapunzel flowers

I printed off tons of purple kingdom sun symbols, and strung them alongside pre-puchased purple bunting…

Rapunzel sun pennants

I made tons of posterboard banners – testing my tidy handwriting and triple checking my spelling – with quotes from the movie and other birthday greetings…

Rapunzel let down your hair

I also printed a variety of wanted posters, added a little marker, and postered our whole house. One sick day The Illustrator and I also made lots of little Pascale chameleons to hide around the place as well…Pascal and Eugene

With the help of a couple online shopping orders, over the course of a week I strung sparkly scrapbook paper folded lanterns from the ceiling and pretty cut-paper banners….

Rapunzel pennants

Rapunzel lanterns

Also – we made a “pin-the-nose on Flynn Ryder” game – and yep, drew that too….

Rapunzel games

Of course, if you know me at all, there had to be a cake. A GOLD cake. Yes, I gilded the cake.

Rapunzel cakes and snacks

Even Alphabet our elf got into the action….

Rapunzel elf on the shelf

Her friends were invited  with an invite made by Daddy…

Rapunzel Invite

And welcomed at the door to a fifth birthday celebration…

Rapunzel welcomeWe even had a visit from the most lovely Rapunzel herself…

Rapunzel and Rapunzel

Once the storytime, magic, and games were done, The Illustrator’s guests had some DIY pizzas (on “cast-iron pans,” of course!)

Rapunzel Frying pan plates

…and cake.

Rapunzel cake blowing out


With it all said and done, I would do every bit of it again. Perhaps I wouldn’t even talk myself out of tea-dying the wanted posters or drawing a tower mural for the kitchen space next time, either. Who knows. The smiles and memories are totally worth it.

Plus, the youngest now wants a princess birthday party too. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Princess party. Now, that’s a theme I can really get on board with.

Stay tuned.

2 responses to “How to go overboard, and love it: a Rapunzel birthday party”

  1. SDL says:

    The cast-iron frying pans took that from a great theme party, to the absolute best. I love taking a theme and beating every last detail out of it, and the frying pans were above and beyond. Great work, I can’t wait to see the next one!

    • Mike says:

      I loved the frying pans. And if you were wondering how we got the handles to look so perfect, it’s because I taped them on.

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