Ottawa Dad: I’m Holding My Children Extra Tight Tonight (from iVillage Canada)

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

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Ever since my oldest daughter came home smiling about how much praise she had received from her teachers for performing so well during lockdown drills, I have feared the moment those lockdown drills might become necessary.

In Ottawa, that was today.

Schools all over the city closed to varying degrees as our city waited for verified information on the shootings that took place downtown.

As an Ottawa resident, I tried to stay strong. As a parent, I was constantly on the verge of tears.

The question of how I would feel in a similar situation was usually answered with: “it’s too hard to know. It’s one of those things you have to actually be experiencing before you can know how you’d react.”

I now know that when I hear there are humans marching around the city with guns (no matter how close they are to where I know my children to be) I get scared.

Read the full story at iVillage Canada.

One response to “Ottawa Dad: I’m Holding My Children Extra Tight Tonight (from iVillage Canada)”

  1. As an Ottawa Mom, I know exactly how you felt on that day. It sucked. I cried. I rushed to collect my mini me from her EDP. I longed to hug and hold her. To keep her safe. Then she said she was not coming home, she wanted to stay. I was not her friend. She laughed at me for trying to get her shoes off and stuck her tongue out at me. Nothing like a 4 year old to dissolve a tender moment.

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