Signs you might be a Christmas person (fanatic/addict)

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

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I’ll out myself right now as a Christmas person. That is, someone who thinks about Christmas when they should be thinking about Spring. Or Summer. Or Fall. I know I’m not alone either. There are many of us with private Pinterest boards and nights where we close the curtains to our homes so nobody can see us watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in the middle of July.

Do you know a Christmas person? Are you one? There are certainly signs you might be a Christmas person, Plenty of them.

    1. You write out detailed responses about how you bought your first Christmas gift eight months ago to anyone who posts on Facebook that “they jus bought their first Christmas gift!” in September. September is late.
    2. You change your privacy options on your music apps to finally allow others to see that you never stopped listening to Christmas music.
    3. You know the stock count of Star Wars advent calendars at all the stores within 50 kilometres of you.
    4. Your child has decided that for Halloween the want to go dressed as Santa’s beard.
    5. Come December, you won’t drink liquids out of any cup, mug, or glass that isn’t shaped like a moose.
    6. You have a budget line for holiday drinks on your trip to NYC to see the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony.
    7. You know who’s releasing a Christmas album on October 14 and actually have know for a while now.
    8. You don’t know how many days there are until Christmas. Or, more specifically, you know how many minutes until Christmas instead of days.
    9. You have a Christmas countdown calendar in your kitchen. And in your bedroom. And in your children’s bedroom. And in your living room. Actually, you have two in the kitchen.
    10. You’ve had the debate with your partner about “if you could only watch the movies of one person, who would that person be?” and have answered with Mary Steenburgen.
    11. You’ve written three novels about becoming Santa.
    12. You have a drop everything else I could possibly be doing policy when you get wind of the perfect ugly Christmas sweater.
    13. You start thinking about how much you’re going to miss Christmas before Christmas has even passed.
    14. You have, to the best of your abilities, laid out the same traps Kevin McCallister set out in Home Alone.
    15. Your partner thinks you’re looking your best when you’re wearing your “Son of a Nutcracker,” t-shirt.
    16. Starting in September you make a weekly check in to that one radio station in your city that at some point starts playing Christmas music 24-hours a day. Just in case.
    17. You know every word to Roger Whittaker’s Darcy the Dragon. Because it’s tattooed across your chest.
    18. You set up a yearly fundraiser where people can write their Letters to Santa to you and you’ll answer them all.
    19. You don’t even find your Elf on the Shelf to be that creepy.
    20. You very much like opera, especially the kind where Andrea Bocelli signs Santa Claus is coming to town or Jingle Bells with the Muppets.
    21. You get excited when you find a great deal on a pair of shoes but you absolutely lose your mind when you find wrapping paper with Ralphie from A Christmas Story on it.
    22. You realize you don’t have a memory of not believing in Santa.
    23. You save every box you’re sent during the calendar year because each and every one might be the perfect house for a yet to be purchased Christmas gift.
    24. You don’t care if people say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or Happy Chanukah or Happy Kwanzaa or just “hi.” It’s just nice to see people happy when there’s so much snow on the ground.
    25. You’ve never slept more than three hours on any Christmas Eve.

Really, this was an elaborate ruse to get you to hopefully read these next words. Again this year I’m going to be running my Letters to Santa campaign to benefit the Christmas Exchange Program operated by The Caring and Sharing Exchange. As a reminder, this program “provides those in need with food hampers or much-needed redeemable gift certificates during the holiday season. These gift certificates can be used at any Ottawa Giant Tiger location and are intended to provide recipients with a sense of hope and dignity during an otherwise difficult time of year.”

It’s early, I know, but if your kids are also Christmas people, they’ve been begging you to write their letter for weeks already.

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