Llama, Llama, Elsa’s dress

Friday, September 19th, 2014

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When writing bedtime stories with The Eldest, we tend to focus on 100 per cent original ideas. That is how we arrived at stories about dinosaurs learning to use the bathroom after eating campfire hotdogs and a dog with very specifically, 27 ponytails.

That is not how The Youngest rolls. She knows what she likes and wants to hear more of what sh knows she likes every time we sit down with a book. Which is why it shouldn’t have come as a surprise (it did anyway) when she answered “Llama, Llama, Elsa pajama,” when asked what kind of bedtime story she’d like to write with me. After all, we read the Llama, Llama books 15 times a night and Elsa is, well, Elsa.

So, we put together a bit of fan fiction because who doesn’t love taking other people’s ideas and making them more not their idea?


Llama, Llama Elsa’s dress

what colour is it, take a guess.

Elsa’s dress is looking blue.

Princess Llama knows it’s true.


Llama, Llama likes to spin

gets too dizzy, starts to grin.

Llama’s falling on the floor,

Llama, Llama wants some more.


Llama, Llama makes some ice

momma thinks the ice looks ice.

Until she throws it on the floor

Daddy Llama has a chore.


Llama, Llama builds a castle,

cleaning ice up is a hassle.

Llama’s building snowmen too,

Daddy Llama, what to do?


Daddy Llama puts it down

instead of cleaning, wears a crown

Little Llama wants to play

Daddy’s favourite time of day.


Little Llama makes it snow

Lines up snowmen in a row

Daddy Llama warms a fire

Llama, Llama starts to tire


It’s time for Llama, Llama’s sleep

The Elsa dress on her she’ll keep

She pulls her blankets to her chin

It’s Daddy Llama’s turn to grin.


Daddy Llama lies down too

The mess can wait, there’s stuff to do.

Like nestle in with Little Llama

Wearing her dress like her pajama

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