The Brookstreet Hotel: the unexpected deliverer of milk and cookies

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

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Staycation: 1. A word I don’t like. 2. A word that if I could get past my distaste for would mean having a metric ton of fun within 45 minutes of your house. 3. Technically, what we experienced when we stayed at the Brookstreet Hotel one hot weekend in June. Pronounced stay-cation (like vacation but with the word stay, got it.)

All me being crazy aside, the idea of staying close to your house but still having outside your house fun has always been an appealing one to me. Since having kids, two of them, both with a hatred of long drives in our car, the appeal has done nothing but grow.

So, when the opportunity was presented to me to spend a weekend at Ottawa’s Brookstreet Hotel, it was only natural for my reaction to be “holy sh$% and all the other swear words I know, yes!” I’d been to the Brookstreet a couple of times for business meetings and that alone was enough to convince me to take a look through the rest of it.

Here’s the thing—the Brookstreet Hotel is swanky for Ottawa and I’d always associated it with suits. I’d never thought of it as a place to go with kids, and if it had somehow made it into my brain it was probably more along the lines of “oh my god, I can’t imagine how many things my kids could break there.” So when we spent the night with them I was curious to see how comfortable we felt having the kid version of soccer hooligans running through their restaurants and other places. Well they have a B Family package for families (makes sense given the title) that’s filled with absolutely amazing experiences. Check out the family package for yourself but we have some first-hand reviews of how great it is.

Here then, are the highlights of the time we had with our kids at the Brookstreet.

Not quite cracking the top 5:

  • Delicious food and not getting yelled at when our kids pretended they were animals instead of humans for the entire meal.
  • Crafts/pizza making (we didn’t experience it but it did seem like a great idea).
  • Humongous beds that we wanted to steal.
  • Local poetry adorning the walls of our room.
  • A music garden. Which means exactly what it sounds like, a garden where kids can play music…

5. The arcade

This isn’t an area where they have a couple of board games, this is an area with fusbol tables, driving games, basketball games and theatre seating if you want to screen a movie. The best part of the arcade for us was that The Eldest was able to take part in her first ever virtual racing experience. The results were pleasant.

4. The swimming pool

Our kids can be “tentative” around water. Tentative: yelling wildly that they don’t want to go in the water. With that in mind, we weren’t sure the pool was going to be a big hit for them. We couldn’t have been more incorrect. The girls played for a little over an hour, moving from the kiddie pool with its small slide and teeter totter, to the bigger pool seamlessly.

3. The movie night

Yes, there are regularly screened movies each and every week. During our stay, Lego Movie was playing and the thought alone that they’d be staying in a hotel where they were playing Lego Movie was enough to get our kids excited. The cool factor for the Brookstreet went waaaaay up with this offering.

2. The campfire

It’s summer. Summer means campfires, there’s just no other way to say it and the Brookstreet Hotel seems to understand that. When you head to a hotel you tend to think of all the things to do indoors. That’s simply not the case here. You. Can. Have. S’mores.

1. The milk and cookies

Well this took the cake (pun intended) from the minute we found out about this package. Who, adults and kids alike, doesn’t dream of having milk and cookies delivered to your door at the end of a day in which you’ve watched movies, swam, played in an arcade and made s’mores? The kids, being kids, loved this feature…

The milk and cookies were actually good enough to inspire a knock, knock joke from the children. Feel free to use this:

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Milk and cookies.”

“Milk and cookies who?”

“Milk and cookies that we’re taking from Santa and eating.”

You’re welcome.

Also, adult stuff

We also spent a night at the Brookstreet away from the kids. Our list of what we found made us happy that night is much shorter because all it really takes to make us feel like we’re on a childless date is to not have a child. We listened to jazz, drank craft beer and ate desserts we normally wouldn’t have. Apply the swanky stuff you think the Brookstreet would have and that’s exactly what it’s like to stay there as adults.


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  1. Chris says:

    Hmmm, I feel like you just described my entire weekend at the Brookstreet as well… Can I please use your review?

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