Screening Ghostbusters: I finally did it so what did my kid think?

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

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Anyone who has read 7 childhood movies I’m afraid to show my kids knows there are some movies I’m terrified to show my children. I’m not afraid because I think they’re too young and will have nightmares (although they might), I’m afraid I’ll sit them down to these legendary movies and somehow they’ll find fault with them.

Well, Netflix just happens to have a zillion of the kinds of movies I was referencing. They have Honey I Shrunk the Kids, they have The Mighty Duck and they have…Ghostbusters.

What I hoped I’d hear from my kids when I first played this movie for them was along the lines of:

“Daddy, I don’t love you.”

“What, why don’t you love me? Did you not like the movie?”

“Daddy, you didn’t show this to me when I was one. You didn’t show this to me when I was two. You didn’t show this to me when I was three. You didn’t show it to me until I was four years and 156 days old. I don’t love you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“To make it up to me, we have to watch it it every day until I’m 17.”

What I was afraid might happen if I showed The Eldest this flawless movie was this:

“Why didn’t the people in the restaurant just let the funny running Canadian man into their dinner.”

“Well they were eating fancy food and his shirt untucked. Some places have a dress code.”

“Ok, fine. But the marshmallow guy. Why didn’t someone just eat his feet? How would he walk then?”

“They’re such big feet, it would have been tough.”

“I ate 16 marshmallows at a campfire once, I could have done it, and I’m just a kid.”

Well, screw it I said to myself. If Netlfix has it, I’m going to watch it. And if I’m going to watch it. I’m going to let The Eldest watch it too. I let her pick between the three movies listed above and she settled on Ghostbuters, which is right where I wanted her to settle. Before showing her though, I asked her what she expected out of a movie she knew little about…

Silly and good. Clearly I had talked mostly about the Bill Murray parts when talking about it with her.

We converged on Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom television with a bag of popcorn and the instructions to snuggle into me every time she found something scary. She found lots of it scary. The opening library scene. The slightly after the opening library scene. The “bear dog animal” in the fridge scene, every other “bear dog animal” scene. But there were also plenty of things she liked about Ghostbusters. The “green slime guy.” The marshmallow guy. The car. The Ghostbusters song.

Did we watch he whole movie? No, we did not. But we watched enough of it for The Eldest to form an honest opinion of it

Yes, I’ll admit that was a really long pause after asking the question “would you watch it again?” but in the end, it wasn’t all bad and I’m settling for her taking away some positives…

“Did you like the movie?”

“It was a little bit good.”

“Were you scared of it?”

“Yeah but I liked a lot of parts. I’d like to get slimed on by that green chubby ghost.”

“Would you watch it again.”

“Yes, I would Daddy.”

Final grade: satisfactory

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