What are you dressed as? A Halloween bedtime story

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

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(This is a selfishly written Halloween bedtime story I wanted to write because The Eldest wanted to dress as me for Halloween.)

Around the classroom there were ghosts and skeletons and sharks and witches and dragons and princesses and mummies and birds.

It was Halloween and it was the annual junior kindergarten party. Everyone looked to be in costume except for one little girl.

“What are you dressed as?” a skeleton asked the girl who was dressed in a shirt and some pants. “Are you a lumberjack?”

“Nope,” the little girl answered. “I’m not a lumberjack.”

“Well, Happy Halloween anyway,” the skeleton said, handing her a small chocolate bar and then rattling his bones elsewhere.

“Happy Halloween to you too,” she answered.

“What are you dressed as?” a witch asked a few minutes later. “You must be a businessman on his day off work.”

“Nope,” the little girl answered. “I’m not a businessman on his day off work.”

“Well, trick or treat anyway,” the witch said, giving her a Halloween card and then flying off on her broom.

“Trick or treat to you too,” she answered.

“What are you dressed as?” a black cat with long whiskers and a red nose asked. “Are you a skeleton with clothes on and with skin?”

“Nope,” the little girl answered. “I’m definitely not a skeleton with clothes on and with skin.”

“Well, boo anyway,” she said making a scary black cat face then crawling away on all fours.

“Boo to you too,” she answered.

For the rest of the party, her classmates came up and took a guess at her costume. They guessed pirate, human pumpkin, outdoor hockey player and curler, but nobody got the right answer. The little girl politely told them they were wrong and wished them a Happy Halloween or exchanged candy with them.

Then, the party was over and it was time to go home. As kids started gathering their things excitedly, all of them aware that the night was upon them and trick or treating was near, the little girl’s dad showed up at the classroom and waited in the doorway. He quietly watched his little girl dressed in jeans, a plaid shirt, a bow tie and suspenders pack her backpack with her goodies.

Then finally, she looked up and saw him and ran towards him.

“Daddy, nobody could guess that I was dressed like you!” she yelled as her dad scooped her into out arms. “It’s the perfect costume!”

“I agree it is sweetie,” her dad said, and they walked hand in hand, matching jeans, plaid shirts and baseball caps and all, down the hall.

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