The Crazy Robot Sister: a bedtime story

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

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(We went back to our robot cards for this robot bedtime story. It also combines Leah’s new description of her sister being “too crazy,” to do pretty much anything.)

It was Little Robot Leah’s birthday and in Robotland it was custom that the birthday robot bake their own cake. Little Robot Leah had few fears about making her own birthday cake. She was after all, turning four and had already made three of the most beautifully robotic birthday cakes Robotland had ever seen. This year, she was baking a Nut Cake and she planned to put as many candles on as she could. She used grease and metal and a little plastic to make a beautiful cake.

Her problem wasn’t cake.

What she was worried about was Little Robot Sister, who, she was afraid, was so crazy that her robot friends would never want to stay at a birthday party with her there.

So, Little Robot Leah tried to devise a plan to get her sister out of the house for her birthday party.

Four days before her party Little Robot Leah sent Little Robot Sister on a journey to the other side of Robotland to pick up eight balloons with unicorns on them. “This journey,” she thought, “should take her a week and when she gets back the party will be over.”

But Little Robot Sister had more energy than the average robot and the job that should have taken her seven days took her only seven hours. She returned that night happily clutching eight balloons with unicorns on them.

Three days before her party Little Robot Leah came up with another job for Little Robot Sister. “I need you to find an elephant for our party guests to ride at the party,” she said.

Elephants were very scarce in Robotland and the ones that did exist were incredible stubborn. “There’s no way,” Little Robot Leah thought, “that she’ll be able to bring an elephant here in time. My robot friends will want to party with me forever.”

But Little Robot Sister had exceptional powers of persuasion and was able to use them to find out where the elephants lived and then to convince an elephant that there would be plenty of peanuts at the party. So she returned home, with an elephant, just in time for dinner.

Two days before her party, Little Robot Leah was growing more concerned. “I need you to build a second house for the party,” she said to Little Robot Sister. “In case we need additional space for all the robots who come.”

Building houses for her robot dolls was one thing but a house for kid robots? That wasn’t going to be easy for Little Robot Sister to do. “She’ll be lucky to have the house done for my next birthday,” thought Little Robot Leah. “And by then, maybe she won’t be so crazy.”

Little Robot Sister didn’t complain about her most recent job, she just went out to the building shed and grabbed some steel, some nuts and some bolts and started assembling the walls. She then grabbed  a solid slab of aluminum and put it on as a roof. From start to finish it took her three hours to erect the house and then cut out the appropriate doors and windows.

That left Little Robot Leah with one day to find something to keep Little Robot Sister away from the party. She thought and she thought, determined to keep her away. But she couldn’t think of anything so she decided she would just tell Little Robot Sister that she was not allowed at the party because she was too crazy. So she went to find Little Robot Sister in her room.

When she got there, she found her putting a ribbon on an expertly wrapped gift.

“It’s for you,” Little Robot Sister told her, handing over the gift. “Because you didn’t have anything for me to help with today, I was finally able to wrap your birthday present.”

And Little Robot Leah saw a different sister then than she had ever seen before. Was she still crazy? Yes, indeed she was and most little brothers and sisters were. But did she love and admire her Big Robot Sister more than she loved and admired anyone else in Robotland? She felt the answer to that was also fairly obvious.

“I didn’t have a job for you today because you need to rest up today. Tomorrow I have a very important birthday party and none of my friends are going to have fun unless you help me every step of the way.”

And Little Robot Leah grabbed Little Robot Sister’s hand and took her to her room to plan out the perfect birthday.

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