Seven things that make me fly off the handle

Friday, September 6th, 2013

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There have been many lists and well documented posts over the past couple of years of kids throwing tantrums over seemingly nothing. Kids who throw a fit because they can’t eat sand, kids who punch their parents arms because a cat walked in front of them and kids who cry for 86 minutes straight because their lemonade was served in a green glass instead of a blue one. This stuff is true, my kids go crazy about crap like that all the time. But so do we as parents. If we don’t think we also get set off by seemingly small things, we’re lunatics.

Here are the top things that send me into a blind fit of too much crying rage:

You run out of gas with one more strip of lawn to mow so you decide to use the weed whacker to finish the job but it’s out of battery power.

Our kids fly off the handle at something small, like having their lemonade served in a green cup so as punishment we can’t do the activity I wanted to do that day.

I’ve cleaned the entire house for visitors and not once in three hours does anyone make mention of how little dust there is or how there’s no pee on the toilet seat but do point out that three Barbies are lying down instead of standing up in the dollhouse.

There’s pee on the toilet seat.

I take a sip of milk without any lights on and realize I’ve drank soy milk instead of my skim milk. And that it’s been expired for three days.

We’re reading a ‘rhyming’ book that’s supposed to follow Dr. Seuss’ rhyme scheme and we come to a line that doesn’t make sense and I have to re-read the line six times before it makes sense.

We’re 30 seconds late for a doctors appointment I’ve promised to be on time for and I Can’t. Loosen. The. Goddam. Car. Seat. Belt.

You know what, I may be a little short tempered because seven may not have covered all of them. Do you have a lose your brain if this happens kind of thing?

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