The Day the Moon said Goodnight: a bedtime story

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

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(This bedtime story was inspired by a conversation with Leah about why the dark isn’t scary when it’s time to go to sleep.)

The sun gave a big yawn, letting out one final burst of warmth on an otherwise chilly Fall day. As usual, the moon, sitting down on earth, was watching for that yawn and immediately sprung from his seat and vaulted into the sky.

“Need me to take over?” he asked the Sun.

“That would be nice Moon.”

But at that moment, a bird was flying by. A bird who was afraid of the dark and did not like when the Sun and the Moon switched places.

“Excuse me Sun and Moon,” the bird interrupted. “Would you mind not switching spaces today? I’m very afraid of the dark and would prefer to spend all my time with the Sun.”

“I’ve been told that before,” answered the Moon. “But let me tell you why I’m helpful.”

The bird flew in place and stared at the Moon as it took a deep breath.

“The owls need me to sing their songs, the bats need me to flap their wings, the trees need me to get some rest, the stars need me to be able to twinkle, the wolves need me to speak. spaceships need me to land and the Sun needs me to sleep.”

The bird thought about this. “Well why can’t they do all that when the Sun is out like the rest of us?”

“Because I need my sleep as much as wolves need to speak or stars need to twinkle or bats need to flap,” the Sun answered. “And you do not want to see me when I haven’t had enough sleep.”

The Sun shot out a quick flare of heat to prove that indeed, birds who flew so close to it wanted no part of an angry and tired sun. And that convinced the bird that the dark was in fact necessary and not that bad a thing after all.

And the bird flew away. And the Sun fell down below earth to sleep. And the Moon hopped into the sky, ready for its turn to look over the Earth.

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  1. Raven says:

    I read this to my 3 year old and he loves it

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