Back to School Bears: a bedtime story

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

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(The back to school bedtime story was bound to happen at some point since Leah is so excited for it. Well here it is.)

The Bear Family had been waiting for Sally Bear’s First Day of School for more than 35 days.

“I cannot wait to paint,” Sally would say first thing in the morning after waking up from dreams of painting.

“I cannot wait to paint,” Sally would say looking up from her hot dog at lunch.

“I cannot wait to paint,” Sally would say, spitting out her toothpaste before bed.

Sally Bear really wanted to paint. But, her parents were so, so worried that Sally wasn’t ready for school yet. She was, after all, going to be the youngest bear in her class.

“She’ll get paint all over her fur,” Mommy Bear worried.

“And what if the other bears make fun of her for being small?” Father worried.

Mommy and Father Bear never mentioned to Sally Bear that they were worried she might not be old enough or big enough to start school. They simply watched her more closely leading up to the First Day of School, looking for signs she was (or was not) ready.

Do you know what they found?

They found:

A Sally Bear who could go to the bathroom all on her own.

A Sally Bear who could get dressed all on her own.

A Sally bear who could share toys with her Baby Sister Bear and clean up when they were done playing.

A Sally Bear who listened to her Nan and Beepa when they needed her to do something.

A Sally Bear who didn’t cry when Baby Sister Bear took away her favourite hot dog.

A Sally Bear who painted beautiful pictures of her family and was very proud of them even when she got paint on her fur.

A Sally Bear who could count to one hundred and say her ABCs in English and Spanish.

And, a Sally Bear who shared toys with old friends and new ones.

Now the First Day of School was finally here and Mommy Bear and Father Bear had to make a final decision on whether or not their little Sally Bear was going to be allowed to go to school. Having not slept a wink all night, they were waiting for Sally Bear to come down for breakfast and were assuming she’d be as nervous as they were on this day.

“Hi Mommy, Hi Father,” she yelled as she bounced down the stairs already dressed in her previously selected blue first day of school dress with a much-too-large-but-still-perfect backpack hanging from her shoulders. “I’m starting school today! I’m going to paint! I’m going to read! I’m going to play recess! I’m going to make new friends!”

Mommy and Father Bear were often wrong, as most adults often are, but at that moment they knew they were right about two things. That they had raised a perfectly polite and intelligent little bear, and that that little bear was about to become a big girl bear by attending her first day of school.

They drove to school with Sally Bear. Well, kind of. They drove behind the school bus as Sally Bear and her new friends made their way over the dirt roads to the big red brick schoolhouse.

When Sally got off the bus (with three other similarly aged bears who all seemed to be laughing), she spotted her parents in the family car.

“Oh, hi Mommy and Father, why are you crying so much?”

“We just wanted to say we loved you sweetie,” Father Bear said, wiping the tears from his eyes. “And I wanted to give you your lunch, you forgot it on the counter.”

Father Bear handed over the lunch and he and Mommy bear both gave Sally a Human hug. Then Sally Bear ran back to her friends and waved her parents goodbye.

But not before adding, “I’ll be ok.”

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  1. Bertold says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous day! It sunods like you had a wonderful time. Glad you got to see your family as well. I agree that the ring shot is beautiful!

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