The first Puzzling Pinterest Project: cut up animals on a board

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

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This is the first post in what will be a series of posts that involve me looking through Pinterest and finding something crafty to do with my kids, because eventually, I need to do something with all those pretty pictures. Our plan is to do our best to make something that is at least similar to the Pin. I’ve dabbled in remaking pins and for the most part have come away 76 per cent successful. Nut I’ve never done one with kids. This, is our Puzzling Pinterest Project feature.

Of course, for project number one I’ve picked something that requires the use of a saw, which means project number one could also end up being the final project in this series. With that, here’s what we’re trying to make…


I’m going to be doing a lot of this one on my own, or even more likely, getting Andrea to help me when I start to regret taking on this project instead of a toilet paper roll telescope. I do figure we’ll be able to make good use of this in Leah’s room, but since we’re both a little impatient, we’re making it slightly less sturdy than the Pin suggests. So we won’t be hanging weights off these hooks, which is ok because Leah doesn’t have any weights in her room. We’re just building it to a test that will support hats and such.

I do not have a workshop in my house and have never been mistaken for being crafty. But the girls like to watch Daddy not do so well at things and this should be fun. Where possible, I was sure to get the girls involved…

Step one: get yourself a piece of wood, one that will look good on a wall once covered in paint and cut up toy animals. We have zero of the proper tools to do this craft as spelled out in the pin but my trusty hand saw allowed me to sever a piece of wood for this project. I didn’t sever my hand along with it which was good but I didn’t make what many people would define as a “straight cut.” But, Leah told me it was good enough and so I moved on.

Our "piece of wood."

Our “piece of wood.”

Step two: spray paint or brush paint your piece of wood. This was one of those areas the kids were able to help out in. They selected the colour, which I knew the minute I decided to do this project was going to be blue and gave the spray paint can one devil of a good shake. I then applied a few coats as the slept, turning our misshapen, unpainted piece of wood into a misshapen, painted piece of wood.

Leah gets the blues.

Leah gets the blues.

Step three: saw some animals in half. Another area the girls helped out in. At the same store we selected the paint at, Michaels, we bought a bunch of small toy animals. We didn’t name them because we knew what their fate was. While I had intended to use the handsaw again, seeing how poorly I had used it in the wood cutting portion of the project, I went with scissors instead. Not the good kind that cut through pennies, just the kind you’d find if you went to your junk drawer right now and pulled it open.

I promise she had no feelings for these animals. I asked her to do the sad face.

I promise she had no feelings for these animals. I asked her to do the sad face.

Step four: glue the half of the animal you want to use onto your piece of wood, using a real good glue. We used a Gorilla glue and I glued my thumb to an elephant securely enough that it did hurt to peel it off the elephant’s ear. This is why my wife doesn’t want me doing crafts too often. Also, if I were to have followed the Pin I was trying to emulate to a tee, I would have used screws. But then I also wouldn’t have been able to use the cheap hollowed out animals we picked up. Since our intention is to hang necklaces and scarves, I feel ok taking the quick route.

Step five: leave the glue to dry. Do not put anything on it right away because while it might seem like your animals are secure, there’s going to be some remnant wet glue and I just told you I glued my thumb to an elephant so imagine what it would do to a delicate silk scarf.

Step six: let your kids marvel at how excellent the craft is and remind them it was all because they helped. Or blame them for it’s imperfections. But most likely do the first. If there are imperfections (there are in ours) it’s the fault of the parent. I call my faults character builders. Anyway, Leah loves it.

Our finished product.

Our finished product.

The whole craft took about an hour to make (with a lot more drying time) and cost about $20 (although we still have spray paint and the other halves of the animals so I’m going to do a bum version of the hanger for Charlotte). There’s no question it could be done a little better, and I do have plans to maybe sand some edges and even out one end from my sloppy handsaw work, but it looks fairly close to what we set out to do, and even more importantly, the kiddo likes it.

I’m saying I maintained my 76 percent Puzzling Pinterest Project average.

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  1. I love this!! The “sad face” photo really cracks me up…

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