Beep Boop: making a robot mask

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

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Inspired by Canadian Dad’s Star Wars Lightsaber post, I wanted to share one of the few dress up crafts we’ve ever undertaken as a family. If you’ve ever read the stories I write with Leah, you’ll know that robots feature quite prominently in them. So it was no surprise when one day Leah made it known that she wanted a robot mask. Sure, we thought. Easy peashooter.

Find a box. A box that fits over your child’s head, not a refrigerator box or a matchbox. If you have US Postal Service boxes the prior owner of your house left behind, those work perfectly. Put the box on your child’s head.

Get a general feel for where your child’s eyes are behind the box and mark that spot with a pencil. Likewise get a feel for where the mouth is and of course where the mustache will go.

Take the box off your child’s head before cutting out holes in the locations you’ve marked.

Give your child crayons and tell them to draw all over the US Postal Service box until the mask looks less delivery box and more robot head. Silver and red work well for this stage.

Glue cotton ball-like things on the side’s. These cotton ball-like things will be the ears.

Poke a hole in the top of the box, again while your child is not wearing the box. Then, poke a few pipe cleaners through those holes. These are the robot antennas. They help you beep boop properly. Tape the pipe cleaners to the top of the inside of the box. Make sure there is no tape pointing down towards the head. Pulling off a robot mask that is taped to a child’s head is not fun.

Repeat all these steps to make a mask for yourself. Make one modification–instead of a mouth, cut out a robot mustache.

Put your child’s robot mask on her head and then your mustachioed robot head on your own head. Walk around saying beep boop and not listening to people who ask you to stop.

And there you have it, a robot mask for you and your kids. I’t’s just like the one you asked Santa for when you were eight. And here, a really short making of video…

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