They’re too speedy, a kids take on Nike’s

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

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Listening to the words that come out of my children’s mouths could fill me with enough joy to last 3,000 years. They could repeat the word firetruck over and over and I’d giggle uncontrollably for hours. But occasionally, they’ll say something so outrageously cute that I fear I may explode from love and happiness and all kinds of positive type emotions.

We recently registered Leah for a 1K fun run and as part of the preparations bought her a brand new pair of Nike running shoes so she could be “just like daddy.” We spent the drive home talking about how speedy they were going to make her and how she’d have to try them as soon as we got out of the car.

After building them up for half an hour, Andrea finally slipped the shoes on, took Leah out of the seat and stood her up in the driveway. Then we asked her to run.

She took off faster than I’ve ever seen her run. So fast, that the parental “she’s going to fall,” reaction kicked in. Then, on cue, she fell down in the driveway in a spill as bad as I’ve seen her take. The scrape your knee, cut your hands and fall on your face kind of fall.

Her response?

“They’re too speedy,” she said with more conviction than I’ve ever heard out of any other human.

She said this before she cried, as though blaming it on the shoes might keep the hurt from coming. The hurt did come and so did the tears, but we convinced her the shoes were just the right amount of speedy and that she’d just have to learn to control them. She ran around the lawn a little more slowly, building up speed as she got used to her new wheels. We waited outside until she felt she had them back under control.

She’s back in love with them now but her initial reaction that the shoes were too speedy was one of the top three things I’ve ever heard out of her.

Andrea’s initial reaction (after we had concluded she was going to be able to keep her leg of course) was that this was a bloggable moment. My initial reaction was that this moment was too precious. I didn’t think I’d be able to properly capture it in writing. Kids are good at these moments. They spout things off without thinking and 90 per cent of the time, they say exactly what you need to hear. The other 10 per cent sends you into furious rage but those moments are easily forgotten. It’s the “they’re too speedy,” moments I want to carry along with me and it’s those moments I know I’m going to miss when they grow too old to think they’ve fallen because their shoes are just too fast.

Cherish those words folks.

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