The Hare hares: a bedtime story for kids

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

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The Hare family consisted of four hares. Two little boy hares and a mommy and daddy Hare hare. The Hares were outside often, as other hares often are. And sometimes, the Hares looked forward to a special adventure where they’d meet up, and play with, other hares. Not all hares were like the Hares. Many hares were afraid of crowded places and preferred staying in their hare holes as humans walked above ground.

The Hare hares liked to mingle. And one day they decided to mingle at the Metcalfe Fair. The Fair was fairly hare-free until the Hare’s arrived. Upon their arrival at this fair Fair, the Hare hares thumped mightily on the ground–a message to hares below to come out and play. All around the fair, hares began arriving.

There were hares in the Skee ball pit. There were hares in the duck pond game. There were even hares in the Pet-A-Hare zoo. The Metcalfe Fair now had more hare than human. The hares were everywhere and the Hares were joyous.

The once timid hares took turns playing carnival game operator and monster truck driver. The never timid Hares went round and round the the Ferris wheel and up an down on the merry-go-round.

They danced and sang and played for hours and by the time the sun came down on the Fair, the hares had won all the prizes they could carry to their holes in the ground. The Hares had chosen all the stuffed humans they could find as their prizes of choice, leaving behind the pink and blue hares and the yellow and green birds for the humans who were sure to come back the next day.

As music in the party tent died down, the hares said goodbye to the Hares and thumped their way home. As sundown came and went and all the tractors had turned off their headlights for the night, the Hares too took their leave. The Fairgrounds were fairly clean considering hares had had the run of the grass for hours. Not a cotton candy cone or a peanut bag littered the ground. The hares, it seemed, were a tidy bunch.

And as the human carnival workers came back to their carnival game homes to sleep for this night. The hares were gone. And so were the Hares.

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  1. Sabrina Sevigny says:

    Awesome!!!! TOTALLY reading it to them tomorrow night. Hopefully it won’t be too confusing for Owen. 😉 The part that’s totally making me feel guilty though is that we’ve never been to any of the country fairs (only one we went to was the tulip festival one last year). I think that The Reynolds and The Hares should hit up one of these fair fares this year together. 🙂 Great story Mike!

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