The only dad at the dance class

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

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My oldest daughter is now taking a dance class. The story of her developing her own interests is a whole other story but the fact that she dances around with 11 other girls is the real exciting part. I attended class one and the only thing as interesting as the crazy girations of my daughter was the fact that I was the only dad in attendance.

There were plenty of moms, I’d say eight in all, some with multiple kids in attendance, but not one other dad. To be fair, many of them might have been with another child or at a previous commitment or might have been too tired for the morning session because they had done something with their children the night before.

I hope this isn’t the way the session of classes works out, although I fear it might. I’d urge any father out thereto watch their boy or girl take part in a dance class. There is truly nothing more invigorating than watching your child move their body so freely and to interact with other young kids and great teachers the way mine has done.

“I love meeting new friends Daddy,” Leah told me when she saw all the little girls gathered in the community centre her classes take place in. Then without saying another word, she darted for the pack of girls that was running around wildly and started playing tag with them. When the other girls started playing with her too, I had already found value in attending the class and it hadn’t even formally started.

We then watched 40 minutes of stand up, bend your knees, do bendy things that only kids can do and pretend to be a flamingo. Leah then added to the list of favourite songs the group would create a dance to, throwing out ABCD to the list the others created and that included such children’s classics as Call Me Maybe.

I also won’t deny that three minutes into the class I was pulling out a google to find a place where we could buy her a real dance outfit and that after the class we drove for an hour (to no avail) to find that outfit. I was as excited as she was that dancing seemed to be so much fun.

I even helped her with a few of her moves the teacher gave her to practice as homework.

I really hope dads aren’t staying away because “the dance class is the realm of the mom,” or because “dancing isn’t manly.” There is no realm of the mom and realm of the dad. There’s the realm of children having fun and dads, I promise you there will be so much fun that you won’t care how many pink sparkly tutus are about. Focus on the smiles on the faces and the friendships that are being built.

See you all at the next dance class.

3 responses to “The only dad at the dance class”

  1. Greg says:

    This is fantastic! You’re a great parent! Definitely an inspiration. Not that I have any plans to have kids in the near future. lol

  2. admin says:

    This post was written solely to make you want to have a daughter immediately Greg. So fail on my part. Back to the drawing board.

  3. Pia says:

    Mike, you’re a great, and a modern dad. I hope you and Leah find that tutu. Great blog.

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