The Dinosaur Pee Camp: A bedtime story for kids

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

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(This idea was generated and expanded on by my oldest daughter. This, really, is her story.)

Once upon a time there were four dinosaur friends who loved to do everything together. They made forts, they swam in rivers and they played tag. But one thing they had never done was go camping.

One day Stegs decided to change that so he said to his dinosaur friends: “We need to go camping under the stars. We can have a fire and eat hotdogs.”

“I love eating dogs,” Terry said, but nobody listened because Terry always talked about eating dogs. The rest of the friends just nodded in agreement.

So the next day they packed their tent and walked to a nearby forest. They set up their tent on a flat spot of grass in a circle of pine trees.

“The branches are so high that we can certainly cook hotdogs safely,” Bron said to his friends.

“I love eating dogs,” Terry said.

The rest of the friends gathered wood and set up the tent. Then they walked for 10 minutes and found a creek where they played catch and swam on their backs. Bron, Stegs and Tri ate the plants from the bottom of the freshwater creek.

“Can we eat dogs now?” Terry asked. And it was time to get back to the tent because it was getting dark and they were in an unfamiliar place. When they got back they started a fire.

“Terry, do not touch the hotdogs,” Bron said. “We will do the cooking.” And cook they did. They cooked 20 packages of hotdogs over the fire.

“We each have four packages to eat,” Stegs explained.

“Can I have 20?” Terry asked.

“No!” They all answered.

So they each had four packages as they talked about how much fun it was to camp. After an hour of eating, it was Tri’s turn to ask a question.

“Where is the bathroom? We did all eat four packages of hotdogs, I can’t be the only one who needs to use one.”

By the looks on his friends’ faces, he was not the only one.

“I don’t believe we brought one,” Bron admitted. “I don’t think it would have fit in the tent even if we’d have brought one.”

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a little girl appeared.

“Hi dinosaurs, my name is Leah and I know where there is a potty you can pee on.”

“I’m sorry Leah we need to do the other thing,” Terry said.

“This is a potty you can pee and poo on. Follow me, it’s up a set of blue steps.”

All the dinosaurs except for Stegs who needed to watch the fire, followed Leah. It wasn’t long before they found the blue steps that led to what Leah kept calling the Pee Fort. They all took turns and even Stegs got a turn to go. Then they went back to their campfire and said goodbye to Leah, being sure to thank her for the Pee Fort.

“That’s the last time we go camping without packing our potty,” Tri announced before getting up to go to bed.

“I love eating dogs,” Terry said on cue.

“We know. Good night.”

23 responses to “The Dinosaur Pee Camp: A bedtime story for kids”

  1. Tyler Jelken says:

    My boys really liked this story, Thank you

  2. Man that Terry sure does love dogs! Great story!

  3. This is absolutely not ok to read to kids…. Girls hoping out of woods showing boys where to go potty….nope

  4. Chi says:

    That was an adorable story!

  5. This is my first time visit at here and i am actually impressed to rread all at one place.

  6. nfl says:

    Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m inspired!
    Very useful information specifically the last section 🙂
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    Thank you and best of luck.

  7. Adam says:

    My boys really enjoy this one. But Iisn’t the math off a bit? 20 packages of hot dogs between four friends should be five packages each.

  8. Art says:

    I just finished reading this to my son on my phone and he is now asleep. Great story!

  9. Jorie says:

    Hi! I was wondering if its ok if I add this to my daughters alphabet book? I would of course put the right info like the Arthur?

  10. Cocopawder says:

    i read this to my daughter and she said it is inappropriate and she is only 4 so…

  11. Spinosaurus says:

    I like to eat dogs

  12. Jessica says:

    We ( my son 10yr old and I)
    Loved it..we giggled reading it..and just laughed together after!
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Saint Augustine16 says:

    Thought it was great and ps to the author: those people just don’t know what good genuine cute stories are! But I read it to my 2 yr old neice so I had to change it to bathroom:)

  14. Draco says:

    My brother likes dinosaurs, he loved it!

  15. Tanner bill says:

    I took a poop, while reading this, 10/10 ten must poop again

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