Puppy Robot Cat: a bedtime story

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

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(Input and inspiration from Leah.)

Robot Puppy Cat was a lonely sort of robot dog, as were most robot dogs. He wasn’t reclusive, he just enjoyed spending time with his own things. His favourite thing was his wrench bone that his owner had given to him as a puppy.

Everyday, Robot Puppy Cat played with his wrench bone. He kept it beside his food bowl as he ate, he brought it into his hot oil bath with him whenever needed and he took it with him for long runs.

Because he used it so often, it hadn’t taken long for the wrench bone to look worn and a little bit like garbage. Mind you, most robot dog possessions do look like garbage. One particularly dark night, as Robot Puppy Cat slept in his bed, while his owner was cleaning up the house, he came upon Robot Puppy Cat’s wrench bone. Thinking it a piece of garbage, he tossed it into a bag and left it on the curb for the garbage robot to pick up in the morning.

When Robot Puppy Cat woke up the next morning and could not find wrench bone, he became very glum and refused to do anything. All his robot dog friends came to visit him when they didn’t see him on his daily run and seeing how lonely he looked, decided to help him find his wrench bone.

They looked under the beds, on top of the refrigerator, in the washing machine and under the seats in the robot car. Wrench bone was nowhere to be found.

Later that day, as the garbage robot collected the trash, his garbage collector puppy spotted the wrench bone in the garbage bag outside of Robot Puppy Cat’s house. Like a good robot puppy friend, he dug through the trash and brought it to Robot Puppy Cat’s front porch. He rang the doorbell and then ran back to his garbage truck to finish the day’s work.

Robot Puppy Cat opened the door and saw his wrench bone sitting there, looking as chewed up as he had ever seen it.

“I missed you wrench bone,” he said, and then carried it into the house to eat nuts and bolts. And the two friends lived happily ever after.

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