Halloween Robot bedtime story

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

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It was Halloween in Robotland and the green and yellow robot kitty was prowling the streets as he did every Halloween. It’s important to note that a green and yellow robot kitty is the equivalent of the black cat in human worlds. Robots though, looked forward to being visited by green and yellow robot kitties.

As he walked down the sidewalk he prepared himself to spook all the robots he passed. To do so all he had to do was yell “Blargh, Argh,” again, the equivalent of a black cat’s hiss. He blargh, arghed his way all through the village until he reached an empty house at the end of the longest street.

Inside the house everything was quiet, as is very often the case with houses that are thought to be empty. Only it didn’t take long for the green and yellow robot kitty to see that this house was not, in fact, empty. As he looked up from the floor to one long wall in the hallway, he saw the biggest robot he had ever seen. But instead of running away, he decided to fulfil his role as Halloween scare kitty and approached the big robot.

Only it wasn’t a big robot on the wall, but a big shadow of what might have been a big robot. So green and yellow robot kitty turned and looked for the source of the shadow. He couldn’t see it anywhere. That is, until he looked closer to ground level and saw a robot no bigger than robot kitty’s ears.

“What are you doing there little robot?” green and yellow robot kitty asked.

“I wanted to appear bigger than I am so I stood in front of this light to cast a big shadow.”

“Why ever would you want to do that?”

“Because I didn’t want you to say ‘Blargh, Argh,’ to me. I’m such a little robot that I was afraid I may have died of fright.”

“Well then little robot,” said the green and yellow robot kitty. “I’ll just have to wish you a happy Halloween and be on my way. Happy Halloween.”

“Happy Halloween to you too robot kitty.”

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